The Rebel


Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Bon Voyage!

Gary helped me with chores and around 10:30 he left for yoga and lunch.
Right after that the truck came to pick up the lift!  Yippppeeeee!

It was pretty chilly the high 50s and very windy.

The recent heat and rain got our lettuce going.

Topper stopped up after he, Gary and a bunch of their friends had lunch.  We gave him a bag of rhubarb.

At 4:30 Gary went down to watch Cooper's baseball game and I could not go as I had a chicken roasting and it was so big it would not be done in time.
At 6 I went out to tuck in the ponies,
gave them a whistle and they responded...always ready for dinner,

Our dinner was delicious.  Chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, peas and that orange jello salad from the old days....made with grated carrots and walnuts.  Chicken and biscuits and chicken salad are coming up.  Maybe some chicken soup.
Night all.



Anonymous said...

Your dinner looks delicious.

Jo said...

Hi Lori, as you know, I love a visit to your farm. I was surprised to see traffic on a nearby road where the lift was being collected. I imagined your farm at least 500meters from a busy road. We can see passing traffic from the farm where I live but it's a few hundred meters away. Nevertheless, I love your farm activities and the way you all run things so ably. The little pony has a clownish topnotch. Too cute. And your big horse is in beautiful condition. Ah and yes, the large chicken can be used for at least two more meals. Looks scrumptious. Have a great day. Jo

Sandra said...

Bon Voyage indeed! I have a horse named Topper, I knew it wasn't him visiting you. :) The photo with the barn is a beauty, and all animals look happy and healthy. You described the weather they love. That is one good looking chicken!