The Rebel


Thursday, May 19, 2022

The Verdict Is In

A cool morning that turned into a beautiful afternoon.

I had an 11:30 appointment with the cardiologist even tho the heart monitor info was not obtained.  The nurse did another EKG and then he showed it to me and explained what is going on with my heart.  Bottom line, I need a pacemaker.  It could happen as soon as next week and it is an in and out procedure.  I will have to follow some directions for 6 weeks after it is done, but it should make quite a difference.  In the meantime, I am not supposed to drive and will have to play the part of Miss Daisy.   Of course I had driven to my appointment and went to the Library (nearby) at 1 for bridge.  No one had told me I should not be driving until today.

Back home and wanted to mow the small pasture after putting some air in one of the tires.  When I tried to take off the pump hose I pulled out the entire stem valve.  That did not make Gary or me very happy.  Fortunately Scott will be assessing the situation.  I did not need this today.
Jenny stopped here after work to pick up a few things from the barn for a concession stand tomorrow.
When she left I did evening chores with my buddy.

If Seamus and The Rebel see me in the pasture, they come right over (in case I have a cookie).

The light was gorgeous.

Chicken salad sandwiches for dinner.
Night all.


Anonymous said...

I wasn’t expecting that response from the cardiologist. You must have been feeling pretty much out of whack lately to need a pacemaker.
And all you keep doing is amazing to me. Stay well. Kathy

Nancy J said...

This will make a huge difference, a steady heartbeat is what we all want, and until it's fitted, please go slowly and obey the directions.Not what I thought would be the answer. No doubt those ponies will be there to cheer you on.Seamus will shake his head and that topknot will quiver all over again.

Sandra said...

The pacemaker will make a difference, you have kept a busy schedule all along, you are kind of amazing. I love the face Rebel made! You just make sure to take it easy.

Marcy said...

I wish you all the best and hope that the pacemaker solves your issue.