Sunday, December 31, 2017

A New Year's Eve Jam....

So let's have a little more frigid weather!
 With lots of new snow!  At first the snow blower would not start and there was way too much to shovel.  Fortunately, Gary was able to get it going and did a great job with the driveway.

 I did some shoveling in the front paddock.

 No dogs were going to the barn with me today.  Phoebe and Little Wonder could
only be outside for a couple minutes, it was so cold for their feet.

 Daniela and I made a quick trip down to Wegmans and then I worked on getting the house together for our Sunday Jam, which started at 4pm.
 You can't imagine how much equipment we had in the kitchen! 

 There were 10 of us playing and 7 listening.

 Before everyone arrived I started teaching Daniela to play my other baritone uke.
By the time she leaves she will have learned a couple of songs.  Quick study!

 Sidney did not go anywhere near the kitchen and I could not catch him to let him out!

 Of course it's a little confusing for the dogs.
Phoebe was trying to get to her spot on the couch
 and eventually

 she made it.

 As Doug Green said, "Jimmy would have loved this."
A real old fashioned jam at the farm.

 Around 6 Jenny arrived to pick up Daniela, as they were headed to a New Years Eve
gathering at the Ames household with all the kids.

We played our last song and enjoyed a very nice pot luck supper.
(Not to mention all the appetizers during the break)

 Salads, beans and greens, potato/corn chowder, meatballs, Carina's bread followed by homemade fudge, dried fruit, nuts and chocolates.

This was a great way for us to spend New Year's Eve
and I would do it again in a heart beat.
A very special group of people!
Night all.


Saturday, December 30, 2017

In and Out In and Out

We may have hit 20 degrees today, but that was not counting the wind factor.
 I'm giving the girls extra hay to keep them busy and warm...
even have bags hanging in the indoor.

 When Gary got back from Java he came out to the paddock looking for me as it was late and I
was not in the house.  Wonder and I were in the indoor trying to get one of the big doors unstuck.
Finally got it with a chisel and hammer, breaking up the frozen ground.

 As soon as Little Wonder went in the house,
 Phoebe was ready to come outside.

 We spent the afternoon by the fire.
I started a new book last night and squeezed in a movie today.
 Chore duty tonight.  Phoebe actually joined us.
 There was a little color in the sunset, 
and I'm glad it is staying light a little longer each day.

 Got the girls tucked in around 5.
This is the house in the back 40.
They must have 8 or 10 lights on at night.

 We had breakfast for dinner.
 Daniela has been down at Jenny's....they went sledding today and
had to freeze their butts off.
Tonight they are having pizza and wings!
Night all.
Tomorrow our Jam Group is coming to the farm.
Should be a great time.