Friday, December 22, 2017

Christmas Eve Eve Eve

The snow has returned.

 After doing chores and stacking 16 heavy bales of hay I did some shoveling.
Then, I did not want to go to I didn't.

 The third hibiscus blossom was out this morning....another beauty.

 I did a little Christmas shopping before lunch, and did not get much done after that...
except for a little more shoveling.  The snow was much heavier this time.

At 6:30 we went to Pam and Greg's for their Christmas Eve Eve Eve party.
They are the ultimate hosts.
The food is always amazing.  Too bad I took a lot of blurry photos.


                                                                      What a feast!

Always great company and good conversation.
Home by 10 and now it's time for me to put on some jams.
Night all.


Nancy J said...

Maybe the White Christmas will be true for you this year. How do those wee doggies manage to keep their feet from freezing? Yummy meals. Keep warm.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Beautiful flower! Looks like a great party with good friends and good food.

lilysgrannie said...

I live in California where hibiscus grow outside in home gardens and public places and most of the time they are so familiar that they are hardly noticed. I have never seen such a beautiful flower as the ones you have blooming in your house. The colors are amazing. May you and your have a wonderful Christmas and happy and healthy new year.