Friday, December 8, 2017

Cabbage Soup

Very cold this morning, but quiet.

Before I finished chores, there was a delivery.
 Finally, they are going to do something about the barn roofs....probably next week.
By 10am the wind kicked up.

 Seeing that I missed going to Agape on Wednesday, I really had to go today.
I'm back in my groove on the elliptical, going faster and not getting so hot.
Every time....20 minutes elliptical/20 minutes bike/10 minutes treadmill.
50 minutes straight three times a week.
 Even tho we ended up with some sunshine it was too cold for all the snow to melt.

 This afternoon we all took naps.

I had to wait until I started making the cabbage soup in the crock pot.

There was a new hibiscus blossom this morning....amazing color.

 Late in the afternoon I took more photos when the sun was directly on it.

 I must have slept for over an hour, and Gary even more.
The fire has been going all afternoon and the house feels nice and cozy.
 The soup was beyond fantastic, and another no brainer.
4 cups finely chopped cabbage, 3 peeled and cubed potatoes, 1 large carrot grated, 1 large onion,
1 package pre cooked Polish sausage sliced, 4 cups chicken stock, salt and pepper to taste.
That was the normal recipe.  
I added a shot of cider vinegar, a little brown sugar and a big squirt of ketchup....yes, ketchup.
On High in a crock pot for 5+ hours.
 Served with a side of Syrian bread, apples and extra sharp cheddar cheese.
Perfect combo.
 The flowers on my kitchen table are still beautiful!
Night all.
Here is today's update on Gary (for Tom Root).
By the time I got in from morning chores he had driven himself down to Java for coffee.
Then, a friend stopped in with  boxes of kindling for our stoves and Gary took him out to lunch.
I'd say he is doing very well.


Marcy said...

Happy to hear that Gary is doing so well after his surgery! You two are amazing. Happy holidays to my cyber friends­čî▓

Mrs Shoes said...

Those hibiscus pics are something else' I've only ever seen a red one. Beautiful.