Friday, April 30, 2010


I was out doing chores when my friend Judy arrived. Got the ponies turned out...
and stopped for a little while to talk to her. When Gary got home from Java, he finished up the stalls.
It's hard to believe that the rhubarb is ready. Filled a basket and did not end up making a pie this afternoon. Tomorrow....
At 10 I met my class at the Seymour Library to take down our show. The month went by quickly.
On the way home I stopped to have my friend Helen sign my latest book. One of her paintings is on the title page. Below is Bellini...he was waiting for me at the door.
I don't know if he even weighs 6 pounds....adorable.
Yesterday Gary decided that the indoor needs to be painted and today he started putting on the primer. I can't decide on the color...should it remain red? A deep grey so it goes with the old barns? or dark green so it goes with the green metal roof and the studio barn? What do you think?
Flowers, flowers everywhere.

The temperature must have gone up to 70 today...positively gorgeous. Decided to have dinner on the back porch.
Judy brought fresh ravioli and a loaf of bread and I made a salad.
Gary was still painting when she got here. I can't imagine how many gallons of primer he is going to need.
The horses were playing...with this new camera I can take photos from the back porch.
When it gets warm out, I love to drink sun tea.
So here's what we had for dinner....

Delicious and our debut on the porch. Loved it.
My first real bird shot....need more practice.

We stayed outside until it was nearly dark....
Then we went in and watched a very predictable movie.
The dogs would not leave Judy alone. A very nice day.
Night all.


The week in review at Skoog Farm.

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In case you are new to my Journal, Christina is a good friend with a great camera....I love to show off her photographs since she does not have a blog.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


A gorgeous morning. Crisp, clear and no sheets needed. Phoebe chose to sit in the spotlight.

Our weeping crabapple trees are almost in full bloom.

Gary left at 11:30 to go sing with the chorus and I did some housework. No singing for me today,
as I had to go to Lima and finish my third book of photographs.

Just before I left I noticed a board half down out in the pasture so I took a few shots while I was out there.

Of course my sidekicks were with me. First we went to the Genesee Valley Equine Clinic to pick up some bute.
It's a beautiful facility.
There's Julie, busy at the computer.
From there we cruised over to Lima...Copy Town. Maria did a beautiful job putting my book together after I organized the pages. This one is called "Brockport, New York The Victorian Village on the Erie Canal." Also had regular prints made of about 16 additional photographs.
I took the dogs for a little walk before we headed home.

Here's where the country roads come into play.

Below is the Riga Academy...see the historical marker below. Currently it is a private home.

This is the Senator's Mansion in Churchville. It is now a facility for parties and receptions.

Every road I drove on was full of trees with a gazillion blossoms.

Below is Main Street in Churchville....

Jerry's on Bangs Road.
I hung a left and was headed for Route 19.

Didn't get home until 4pm, and Gary arrived at 4:30. He went out and gardened and I vegged.

Chores at 7. Gary went to a meeting.

A very late dinner. Veggie burgers, baked beans and carrot sticks. Over and out.

Night all.