Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Another Break in the Weather.

59 degrees today.

 It was so beautiful I decided to go for what could be the final trike ride of 2016.
Naturally it turned grey just before I left.

 Home again, home again.
Only about 4+ miles with a few hills.

 We had a few sprinkles this afternoon, but that was about it.
 At 3 I went down to TJ Maxx to pick up a couple things and the sun was setting on my way home.
 I had picked up some sesame chicken at Weggies and when I got home started on a stir fry...
 and some lomain.

 Put everything together and it was delicious!

 Little Wonder now has a favorite spot....our bed.
 Whenever I can't find him, that's where he is hiding out.

He's there now.
Night all.
The roof is done and today Big Ash came to clean out the wood stoves and chimneys.
Little Wonder was afraid of all the equipment and barked his head off.
All this exposure is good for him.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Brockport Big Band!

A gorgeous start to the day.  The temperature ended up in the low 60s.

 The girls were naked.

 Class at 10:30 and I forgot to take a lot of photos.

 The roof was finished today, now they have to pick up the dumpster so we can have
our driveway back.
 At three I ran a few errands and by the start of sunset the sky was as beautiful as
it was this morning.

 At 7 we were at the Lodge on the Canal (new name for The Center) for a concert by the
Brockport Big Band to benefit the Sweden Senior Singers.
 They were introduced by Maryellen, the director of the chorus.
 I have posted videos of this band before.  They are such pros!
No wonder they play at the Rochester International Jazz Festival every year.

 The chorus members baked and served coffee to the entire audience.
Another very sweet community event.
Night all.