Thursday, November 3, 2016

Rain, Dogs and Dinner

 Well, it rained all night and we are back to water all over the place.
 I let the dogs out before going the barn and it was still raining.  Phoebe opted to go back in the house...not Little Wonder, he did not care about getting wet.

 The girls had hay under the shed roof, but they chose to hit the pastures.
 After chores I grabbed a shower and headed down to The Center to help work on Sunday's 
Celebration of Life for Jim Foote.
At this time, we have 16 musicians who will be playing and singing some of his favorite songs.
 This afternoon I spent a lot of time discussing music and sending emails to our Jam group.
Little Wonder played and played.  He loves to try and handle 2 toys at a time.  His rubber "bone" is in his mouth and he bats around a little tennis ball with his foot, looking like a little soccer player.

Phoebe could care less.
 I made a fresh salad....

 and we had leftover spags for dinner.
Fine with me (Gary too).
Gary had a meeting tonight and I am ready to go out by the fire.
Night all.


Nancy J said...

We have rain too, a bit cool, almost " Light the fire" coolness!! LW is so cool, and I am hoping that your celebration for Jim will go well, as I'm sure it will. Lovely that so many can participate and contribute.

Stephen Andrew said...

LW and P look so happy and cozy! I'm sure LW is only a few weeks away from destroying plastic toys in seconds! I'm jealous you got so much rain. I have a bunch of bulbs to plant and the ground has been way too stiff to even try (even with an auger on a drill!)

Two French Bulldogs said...

Hey kids, we sent you a prize and we even wrapped it
Lily & Edward

Unknown said...

Aww - he just couldn't decide which toy he most wanted to play with! hat is adorable!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I'm here in Kentucky for a few days, and had all seasons of weather for my drive, I could have done without the rain mixed with snow!

Little Wonder is a multi-tasker! :-)

Enjoy your Friday!!

Jo said...

Hi Lori, we had rain, horses and dinner! Grant and I are getting good with the horses; he even sprayed them for ticks this morning. The dogs are next. I love Little Wonder; such a cheerful chap. Greetings Jo

Grey Horse Matters said...

LW is awfully cute with his toys but I think Phoebe has the right idea!