Thursday, November 17, 2016

Sunshine Morning Noon and Night....

 Whoa!  Everything was a blur when I let the dogs out this morning!

While we were out doing chores, a delivery truck backed in the driveway to drop off some stuff Gary ordered at Stockum Lumber yesterday.
 When the dogs saw the truck they headed toward the house, so I had to put them in the back yard

while I went out and finished cleaning the stalls. 

Managed to finish (late) a little after 9 and they were ready to go in.

 I was playing bridge at 1, and decided I'd better get dinner ready before leaving or it was not going to happen.
Corn chowder was on the menu.
Started with the bacon,
 then added celery, onions, red peppers and carrots.
 After about 10 minutes
 I diced the potatoes and threw them in along with the corn, salt, pepper, paprika 
and 4 cups of stock (I prefer chicken).
 Once the potatoes were fork tender, I took out around two cups of the soup and put it in a food processor with a heaping tablespoon of flour.  Put that mixture back in the pot and added 1 cup of half and half.  By the way, I added an extra can of corn (3 instead of 2) to make it extra corny.
I was ahead of the game for dinner.

After the pups went out for a run,

 I drove to Lorna's house for duplicate bridge.
What a crazy mixed up experience.  All kinds of's a good thing we were
able to laugh it off.  There were beautiful roses still blooming in her front garden.
 On my way home the sun was going down.

 We dined at 5:30 and the chowder was great!

When we finished dinner I went down to the Town Hall for 
a meeting with the Water Committee.
Now it's time to relax.
Night all.


Stephen Andrew said...

That chowder sounds so good! I've been loving these colorful foggy mornings! Such gorgeous light

Jo said...

Oh wow, Lori, your moon shots are still great! My life these days, resembles yours. And I love it. The horses are reacting so well to me and Grant. Soon Grant will be well enough, saddle up the horses, help me to mount (a new experience for me) and we'll go for an early morning ride. Have a great weekend. Jo

Two French Bulldogs said...

Look at that good food! That fog scares us
Lily & Edward