Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Warm Water...

 Good morning!
 The snow stuck.....

 After chores the pups and I took a ride down to Country Max to pick up a new heater for the water trough.

 Before long, it was time for class.  We are meeting in the house now and I had a fire going.
 Little Wonder always manages to get in some snuggle time with Pam.

 Carina made a bread delivery.  I think I am going to order many loaves to give out as Christmas presents.

 I spent a lot of time on my computer or the phone this afternoon.
The sun actually came out for awhile and the snow started to melt.

 The front paddock is quite a mess.
 No jackets for the pups tonight.
 I did chores for Karen.

After sunset, we had leftover pizza and I went to a Town Board meeting.
Home now and ready to crash.
Night all.
Last night after I finished my Journal, Sid, Little Wonder and Phoebe 
got comfy with me.

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