Monday, August 31, 2020

Copper Pennies

 We started off the day in the 50s and ended up in the high 70s.  Absolutely gorgeous.  After chores I raked both rings and ran a couple errands.  The usual.  Wegmans and the feed store.  Other than that, not too much excitement.

Has anyone noticed how difficult it is to keep your mouth shut when it comes to politics?
A little kindness would be nice.  I can't tell you how many people are losing friends over
the race to the White House.  Have to admit that it has not been easy, but I have decided that everyone knows who they are voting for right now.  There will be no convincing so I need to watch less TV and try to stick to what is right for me.  The bottom line....there has been a huge change in morals.  We all know right from wrong, but many don't seem to be practicing it.
Leftovers and a salad for dinner.
Tucked the quartet in around 7.

It sure is getting dark earlier.

Night all.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

She Sings For A Change

At 1:30 I put my uke, sound equipment and half a bushel of tomatoes in my car and headed over to the Staubitz home for a She Sings practice.  A nice cool day and we were spread out all over the yard.

We have not been able to get together very often, so each time it is like starting over.
Here are a few short clips.

We are just starting to learn 7 bridges...

Lori made us the best nachos ever!
It was almost 6 when I got home.
Chore duty,

then....a late dinner.  Leftover sloppy joes and a salad.

Time to check in on the series I'm watching.
Night all.

Today is Steph's 23rd wedding anniversary.
She sent us this photo from that day.