Friday, March 31, 2023

An All Day Drizzle

A different kind of a day.  Janet was here by 7:45 to help me with chores, it rained all day, I forgot to take my phone to She Sings so no photos, the pizza I made for dinner looked gorgeous and was stuck to a pan I've never used...and I'm tired.  Gary had his last PT session and is doing well. 

Tomorrow is another day.
Night all.

Thank you for all the very caring comments regarding Janet and Ronin.


Thursday, March 30, 2023


I did not sleep last night thinking about Ronin and I was pooped this morning.  Janet and I did chores as usual and he had some turnout time before the trailer arrived to transport him to another farm where he will be getting some special attention.  Here is what Janet posted on FB on the 22nd

Please wish Ronin a happy and peaceful 8th and sadly last earthly birthday on March 23. He has given himself a special “gift” this month… a third bout of EPM in less than 3 years. Putting him through the treatments again would be cruel and unfair. The Gigantasaurus has been a roller coaster of love, joy, humor, and health issues. Our time together has been precious. We are most grateful to his entire health care team for all your help, support, and cheerleading when things went well. Blessings to Lori Skoog and Gary Skoog for welcoming us into your lives in our hour of need. You have given him the best 8 months of his life!!! Now we are planning his private journey over the rainbow bridge.

Of course I have been in tears much of the day.  He is such a beautiful and innocent boy.  Fortunately after yesterday's squall, we did not get too much snow and the sun was out this morning.

He had some time outside with Rebel and Seamus before the trailer arrived.

This is the part that kills me....he just trusts Janet and does not realize what could be in his future sooner or later.
They were gone by 8:30 and my two buddies ate their breakfast in the sunshine.

I was out there for three hours.  Cleaned his stall and changed some things around.

Little Wonder assisted.
Janet stopped back at the farm to do a couple things and seemed to be doing very well under the circumstances.  Ronin settled in to his new digs and was eating hay when she left.  She insists that she is going to keep coming mornings to help me until Gary is back on his feet.  How many people do you know that would do such a thing?  Gary and I are really going to miss her and her boy.
All the snow melted and as per usual....Rebel and Seamus rolled in the mud.

They seem to be doing alright, but they knew something was different when I called them in for dinner.
Every night, Seamus and Ronin slept next to each other on either side of the wall dividing their stalls.

I made a last minute meal out of the leftover chicken soup. All the broth was absorbed by the pasta so I turned it into chicken tetrazzini.  Added more chicken, frozen peas and made a sauce/gravy topped with Romano cheese and fresh ground pepper.
So smooth.

Night all.

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Just What Was Predicted

The morning started out just fine.  We even had a little sunshine.  But just before 5:30pm we were slammed with a 1 hour bluster!  Tons of snow flying west to east horizontally.  Exactly what we were told would happen.  I made chicken soup out of the drippings from the roasted chicken (yesterday) and we had it for lunch.  Gary went out for breakfast with Chet, the Breadman, who brought us 2 loaves and a couple containers of his homemade Greek hot dog sauce (which we sampled for dinner).

Gary's visiting nurse stopped in for a final check and then Dakota arrived to look at the upstairs bathroom.  We need a new sink and toilet.  I started a fire and took a nap with Little Wonder.
I was on the phone with Jenny as the crazy weather arrived, and went right out to tuck in the ponies.

This was Ronin's last full day here.  I am going to miss him.  Seamus and Rebel will too.

Night all.