Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Just What Was Predicted

The morning started out just fine.  We even had a little sunshine.  But just before 5:30pm we were slammed with a 1 hour bluster!  Tons of snow flying west to east horizontally.  Exactly what we were told would happen.  I made chicken soup out of the drippings from the roasted chicken (yesterday) and we had it for lunch.  Gary went out for breakfast with Chet, the Breadman, who brought us 2 loaves and a couple containers of his homemade Greek hot dog sauce (which we sampled for dinner).

Gary's visiting nurse stopped in for a final check and then Dakota arrived to look at the upstairs bathroom.  We need a new sink and toilet.  I started a fire and took a nap with Little Wonder.
I was on the phone with Jenny as the crazy weather arrived, and went right out to tuck in the ponies.

This was Ronin's last full day here.  I am going to miss him.  Seamus and Rebel will too.

Night all.


Charlotte said...

Why did Robin leave ❓

Sandra said...

I will miss Ronin. I enjoy the photos of Ronin and Seamus. Seamus looks like he might be Ronin's doggie he's so tiny next to him! We will reach the mid 30s today, spring right around the corner?

Lori Skoog said...

Charlotte....Ronin is in need of some special care at this time.

Anonymous said...

Will Ronin be back? I hope so. I also liked seeing Janet.
I am glad your husband is recovering so quickly.
I hope Spring comes and stays very soon.
Take Care,