Sunday, March 12, 2023


It was about 18 degrees this morning, and ended up around 34 with some melting.  The drifting did not make the footing the easiest thing to walk on.

The ponies left a lot of hay in their nets yesterday, so we thought we would trick them and emptied them out on the snow.

The boys did a little dancing, then they all wanted to roll.

I got into the house for about 20 minutes and then 

went back out to the grooming room as the farrier was coming.
Sarah does and excellent job and treats them so well.

As I had cabin fever, decided to go to Buskers today.  They are only meeting once a month so more people are showing up.

We take turns around a circle and each person gets to pick a song.  This one was one of my favorites.  Except for the bass, we are acoustic.
Our friend Doug (the bass player) just retired and Lori St. brought a cake to celebrate.  He is going to try and teach me how to play my baritone uke bass.

When I got back to the farm I started on dinner.  We are getting pretty simple around here.  I had a couple chorizo sausages and cooked them up with some peppers and onions....
then went out to do evening chores.

Piled the peppers and onions on the sausage, which was split open on half of a roll.  Threw on a little mozzarella cheese and popped it under the broiler.
Gary requested a corn that is what I made.
Night all.
Gary's handling his hip surgery very well, having to be catheterized is not making him very happy.



Nancy J said...

The urology problems can make life very miserable. I had the same after my spinal surgery, finally after several days, feet into a basin of freezing water did the trick. Gary, you could just walk barefoot outside !!!

Val Ewing said...

Well, more good thoughts for Gary.

My pony has started shedding so he takes a lot of rolls to get the hair off. The mules are delighting in alternating between snow baths and mud baths.

We are frozen again at least for a few days.

Sandra said...

I never tire of repeating live in a fabulous community! It's good to know Gary is doing well. . My meals have been getting more and more simple, too. It doesn't matter, it's still good food.