Saturday, March 18, 2023

Gary Is Still Feeling Good

If we can just get through this weekend, by Monday we should be in the 40s headed for a couple days in the 50s.

Windy and grey, but not too bad when we got out to the barn.

Janet had to leave early and by the time I was finished it was snowing.

Ronin was hanging out in the indoor, so I gave him a hay net.

At 11, Jenny and Finn stopped up to replenish my hay supply.  About 25 bales.  I threw it down from the  loft and they stacked it for me in my hay stall.  It should last me for quite awhile, and Gary sure can't do it so we both were very appreciative.

A lot of snow was gone so Jenny and Finn tossed some stones back onto the driveway.  Plowing makes a mess when it's not paved.
Afterward, we finished off the cherry pie.  I did not know it was Finn's favorite.

Finn's vacation is over and he is going back to Cortland tomorrow.  I can't believe he will be a Junior next year!

Mid afternoon, our friend Jacquie stopped up with all kinds of stuff!  Flowers for me...a big bag of nuts and a container of homemade hummus for Gary.

They spent some time discussing the Winter Serenades concert for tomorrow.  Gary will not be able to attend, but at least we can stream it.  Jacquie will have it all under control!

After she left I started a fire and took it easy.
Gary sat in the sunshine and watched March Madness.

Chores at six.  We could tell it was getting ready to snow again.

Now we have 2 huge ponds.  One in the pasture and one in the outdoor arena.
The daffodils are anxious to bloom.

Tonight we had the chicken soup I made yesterday.  Love to squeeze fresh lemon juice on the top.  I still had a few lasagna noodles left so I broke them up plopped them in.  That is the third time I have used them lately.  Different and so good.
Night all.



Nancy J said...

On the up and up apart from the weather. Let the good progress continue.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Glad things are looking better. That pie was amazing!