Sunday, March 19, 2023

Wouldn't It Be Nice?

Wouldn't it be nice if this was our last day with snow?  Starting tomorrow we should be in the 40s with a couple 50s mixed in during the next week.

With the wind (and it was VERY windy) we were in the teens most of the day.

Seamus and Rebel needed more clothes on.  I finally dug out an old Rambo that has been hanging around all winter for the big guy.

We did not get more than an inch of snow.

4 friends came over at 1 and we did a little jamming.  They left by 2:45 so I could set Gary up to stream the last Winter Serenades Concert.
The Freedom Trio with Herb Smith on trumpet.  JAZZ.

After that, we watched more March Madness.

I made a big pot of sauce with meatballs and invited Jenny and Coop up for dinner.
Chores at 6.

Look at this cutie pony!!!!!

I had made a salad before going out...
and sliced up some Tuscan Bread.

It tasted great.
Can't get enough of these flowers.

Night all.


Val Ewing said...

Your meals always look so beautiful, it is almost a pity to eat them!

Sandra said...

You have the cutest pony and the cutest pup! I like that style of jazz. I dislike fusion. Dinner looks delicious. You make such good looking salads.