Sunday, March 31, 2013

Very Quiet on the Homefront

 This is about how thrilling it was around here today....grey and blah turning into rain late afternoon.

 Above....morning chores.  Below....evening chores.

"Get me outta this rain."

 Gary worked on one of the gardens this afternoon...let's see what develops.
Once again I was in slow as I did not sleep well last night.

 Did make dinner (did not take a lot of pictures).

Saint Tim's favorite mango and banana salad....

 Johnny Cake....
 and more of that 16 bean soup.

Look at what thecrazysheeplady was enjoying down in Kentucky (thanks to Auntie Reg).

 That's just part of it!  They also had French Onion Soup and who knows what else.
I don't know if I can compete if they come to visit!!!!

Whatever could I make for dinner????

Night all.

I am very jealous of the weather they were having in Daytona today.  This was the crew's second day at the beach.  Looks hard to take doesn't it?

Saturday, March 30, 2013


It was so gorgeous today I even passed on drumming....

 The blankets were not on the girls for long this morning.  The sun was bright and there was no wind.

A good opportunity for some grooming (which we did in the paddock).

 Moon had a short workout in the indoor.  She is such a smart little cookie.

 Gary had put the pups in the back yard, where they (and Seymour) waited for me to finish up.

When I got back in the house, there was an email waiting for me from the other Lorie regarding hay.  There has been a shortage around here and it has tripled in price.  A nearby farmer had 500 bales of first cutting available at $6 per bale.  Lately it has been as high as $8...normally around $3.50. Anyone who did not buy a years worth during the summer months has lost out. 

Anyway, we decided to go see it and thought it was very nice.  Lorie called a friend to borrow a truck...
 and within a short time it was stacked up in the loft.  What a find.
 The fields and pastures are in pretty good shape, but we are supposed to get some rain tomorrow.
 That should get the grass growing.
While I was out back I picked the pasture. 
 Didn't do evening chores until 6:30.
It was 50 degrees inside the barn.  Sweet.
There must have been a lot of rolling going on this afternoon....piggies again.

 Asparagus was still on sale so I made "biggasalads" for dinner. 
 (I think Sharon Creech would say that).
Night all.

Regarding the Florida Delegation...they are livin' the life down there.

 What a change of scenery from Brockport!
Keep those pictures coming.....