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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Something About Food and Friends....

And then it was time for class.

After the great food I had at Alex's Place in Batavia, 6 of us (based on my recommendation for the ribs) ventured over there for lunch.

 What should we order?

 3 ordered Ribs....

1 Prime Rib Panini

and two Asian salads.
 Outstanding all the way around.
 The chef was working on a glaze for steaks as we were leaving.

When we got home I let Moon back out with the girls.
 She has no problem doing whatever she wants...notice how Abbe and Berlin are standing back.

Gary had Finn and Coop duty.  I didn't go out to do chores until 6.

 Did you ever use shredded newspaper for bedding?  Lorrie mixes it with pellets (that were initially soaked) and it really works well.  Very absorbent, soft and the price is right.  You could really go crazy and have quite a "pillow" for your pony.  The ink used now is a soy base and won't hurt them (don't use the shiny paper) and it breaks down quickly in the manure pile.  I just might try it.

Thanks for all the comments in support of the gazillion pony pictures I post.
Night all.


Buttons Thoughts said...

Food and friends are a huge part of my life and I know it is the best there is about life. (oh can't foget nature)HUGS B

Mary said...

I love love and super love your gazillion pony pictures! Moon is doing very well with her new friends. That's wonderful. :)

Anonymous said...

oh loved that 3rd shot, such O beautiful

allhorsestuff said...

That Moon, She's Got The Presence!
Too Funny Seeing The Other Two Stand A Far Off!
It Wounds Have Been Another Asian Salad Here!

Good Day, Good Night, And Pray, Sweet Dreams!

diane b said...

Love the early morning shot with the golden hue over the house. Just beautiful light. Ponies are pretty too.

Terry said...

Looks like your willow is ready to leaf out. If so, not fair!

Oak Creek Ranch said...

That Moon is giving an Abbe a run for "most photogenic" horse. She is a cutie and so expressive. and friends... the best.