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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Not Again.....Back in Business

I can't upload any pictures.  Is anyone else having problems?

What a day! Had some great pony photos.
Went to chorus for a not so fun rehearsal.
This afternoon I went to Weggies and tried to take a shot of some orchids....MY NEW CAMERA IS MESSED UP AND WON'T FUNCTION! Have to send it in.  I had taken one photo that worked, went to take another and nothing.  Could not see anything on the viewing screen except for a blotch in the lower right hand corner...could not see any pictures on my card NOTHING worked there either.  Ugh!!!!!
Now, I can't upload any photos (from my Canon Powershot ) and am so FRUSTRATED!
I have owned the little NIKON for ONE MONTH!
Made a splendiforous pizza for dinner that I wanted to show you...who knows if you will ever see it.
I'll try again later.
Night all.

Ahah!  It's working.
Now, for ponies and pizza.
One hour.
2nd picture 5 seconds.
chugga chugga....

Night all.


Terry said...

Are you getting more snow?
It is warm at last, but we are in for a "heavy" snow this weekend.

Oak Creek Ranch said...

I haven't tried to post yet today so I don't know if I'll have the same issue -- guess I'll find out. Hope that pizza tasted as great as it looked!

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh DARN they certainly do not make things like they used to. I DO hope you get it figured out. hug B

Tyche's Minder said...

That first one hour picture is stunning. Well worth the wait, I'd say. I love seeing pictures of your barn, inside and out. It's charming.

MTWaggin said...

So why was chorus not so fun? Glad the photos posting is back working for you. Sometimes I find blogger just gets darned temperamental.

Mary Ann said...

Took forever for one of my photos to add even with Google Chrome last night... must have been a blogger thing. Could not see followed blogs either, for almost two days. Loved your pictures, as usual.

Martine said...

Mmm your salad looks amazing!
Pizza looks good too, but the salad does it for me.

C-ingspots said...

So sorry you're having camera trouble. That's so frustrating! Did you get a new horse??? Another Appaloosa??? Adorable!! You know how I feel about those wonderful Apps right? :) Can't wait to hear about her, maybe I missed something. Oh, and that pizza looks delicious!! I shouldn't have skipped lunch...

Misty said...

Pictures of the horses are nice; I can almost smell the hay. :) OMG! the pizza looks so delicious.

I enjoy your blog; hope your cameras gets 'better'.

Stay warm out there in your area.

Mary said...

Yay for pony and pizza pictures! Pony pics are gorgeous. I especially love the one where i can just see Moon's eyes looking over the fence, and her ears perked up. LOL. Wonder what she's thinking? :) And pizza pics = super yummy!

Susie of Arabia said...

Your ponies are so healthy looking and well taken care of - I know they must be a lot of work and require lots of TLC. The pizza looks delish - and so does your salad. Hope all is well with your new camera!