The Rebel


Thursday, March 14, 2013

So Darn Cold!

 A day for long underwear.
 Once again everything was snow covered, grey and it was windy.
 Did we really need more snow?
I guess the weather was just being "marchlike."

 With the wind chill it was in the teens.
 Ever since I cleaned and organized the kitty condo, Sophie has spent much of her day there.

Bridge this afternoon.  What's your bid Sally?
 I got home around 4:15 and the sun was out.  Go figure.

 I'll bet all my farm girl buddies have a room like this, loaded with all kinds of boots, jackets and other junk.

 Dinner before chores again....Gary had a meeting tonight with organic farmers in the area who want to start getting together to sell their goodies.  Maybe they can join our local farm market.
 I had defrosted some sauce (sausage/peppers/wine) earlier, as I knew it would be late when I got home.

 Chores as usual.  This is the second full day Moon has been with Berlin and Abbe.
 They had access to all the pastures and run-ins and seemed to do well.

 After the girls were tucked in, the sun created some interesting light.

 Outside and inside.

 These two pups are the sweetest....  My buddies 24/7.
Night all.


Two French Bulldogs said...

Gucci you better not go outside without a coat since the horsies have coats
Benny & Lily

Birdman said...

We got it too, biting wing, BIG snowflakes and a little late sun. This longer day gives you more time in the barn in good light, I bet.

Terry said...

Yes, sweet pups.
Our weather is warm! Can you believe it?
Our boot area isn't nearly as tidy as yours!

Dream Valley Ranch said...

Brrr indeed-looks chilly! The ponies and critters look so cozy and happy tho! Hope the sun comes out soon to warm everything up! Xoxo