Thursday, May 31, 2012


 From here up, the pictures were taken by two of my cub reporters.  Rumor has it that Abbe is somewhat improved.

I spent the day doing the usual.  Diane M. stopped by with a beautiful loaf of homemade multigrain bread, then her good friend Kim J. brought dinner.  We must have talked food for an hour...she is one diva in the food department.
 I used up the rest of Tina's strawberries in a little side....
 Jenny finished Sarah's Gazpacho soup....then we got into Kim's
off the charts meal.
 Homemade bread...
 roasted chicken with potatoes and carrots (Garlic and lemons under the skin)
 and an asparagus salad.
Will take pictures of the dessert when we are able to eat another bite.
Thanks again friends!

Now, I am off to my chair, ice and pillows.
Night all.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Slept pretty well and was ready to leave the farm by 8:30.  Made my debut going down the stairs using the railing and one crutch,  It worked pretty well.  Next, I had to finese my way into the back seat of my car.  Short person that I am, it presented a challenge.  Had to get my left leg up and on the floor....then figured out how to hoist my fat butt up to the seat so I could slide in backwards.  Of course, we made sure there were lots of pillows and some ice so I could ride in comfort...and I did. The x-rays looked good... the PA and Doctor saw no problems.  No swimming for one month. Home around 11.

 (photos of the gardens by Gary)

 Mary Ellen dropped off a video of the chorus concert I missed.  What a treat.

  Gary mowed and went down to Jen's to get Finn and Coop off the bus...I had physical therapy.  Bending...I am at 88 degrees (need to hit 90)...and totally straight before therapy...the PT was quite surprised.  Sara dropped off some Gazpacho soup that was outstanding!!!

Thanks friends, for all the cards, emails and food! Now, can I get out of this chair to post some pictures?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Taking it easy tonight.  May or may not have the energy to get off this couch to post some pictures.  Three students were here for class,
Gary is pooped and napping and I am too comfy to move.

OK OK....I had to go for a are a few shots.

 More treats from Roger and Tina.
 Perfect with Greek yogurt and granola.

 Night all.

Monday, May 28, 2012


 Flowers are back in the house....a good sign.
 Another pony siting this morning.

I have taken over the feeding of the cats and dogs...can do laundry and a couple things around the kitchen.
 Tonight Jenny came up with some pizza from Ralph and Rosie's.  I made a salad and it tasted like old times.
 Gary had already fed the horses, and after dinner Jenny went out to soak Abbe.
 Of course the camera went along and I have no idea who took what shot.

 Does this girl cooperate or what?

 Hey Tina, we have our first "pony" blossom.

 The kids sure had a good time at your pool today.  The first thing I am going to ask the doctor (Wednesday) is when I can start swimming.

 It was 93 and very muggy here today.  Had to get the fans out.
Time to put on pjs and go sit in front of one.
Night all.