Monday, February 29, 2016

Sunday, February 28, 2016

How Does It Feel????? Be Ready For A Marathon.

What a day!  Bursting with color and a high of 62 degrees.

 The girls started out with blankets, but that did not last very long.
 I dragged the indoor and Karen took Angel for a ride.

 Sunshine sure has an impact on your brain.

 Notice the paw prints on the glass.....

 This snow was gone in short order.
 My Bird of Paradise popped a new if it would just produce a blossom.
By 1pm we were jamming down at A Different Path Gallery.
 You can't imagine how much fun we are having.  Anything goes.
Today Bill was back with his keyboard and Greg had his beat box...they really add to the mix.

 5 guitars, a bass, a mandolin, 3 baritone ukuleles, a keyboard and a beat box.
Lots of potential for big sounds.....
 As soon as our session ended I ran over to the Baptist Church for a concert being presented by three local choruses (including the one Gary and I had been in).
 Excellent sounds all around.
It was a benefit for the Brockport and Spencerport Ecumenical Food Shelves.
The Spencerport Community Chorus started the program.

They were followed by For Singing's Sake.

Last but not least....the Sweden Senior Singers.

 I was very impressed by their performance!

 On the way home I stopped at Wegmans and the sky looked like this when I got back in my car.
By then it was after 5.

 Too late to start dinner so I picked up a large $10 cheese pizza.

 After we ate I went out to tuck the girls in.
 All of them were FILTHY!!!!

 I scraped off Abbe and Berlin.  Karen has a lot of work to do on Maggie and Angel.
The barn was 50 degrees.  The warmest it has been in months.
The sunset was not quite as dramatic as the sunrise.
Night all.