Thursday, February 25, 2016

Another Change In The Weather....

It's going to take awhile for this water to be absorbed!
 All that rain created quite a mess.

 At least the girls were able to spend the day outside.

The temperature dropped all day long until it started snowing again around 3.
 I went to Agape this morning for a short workout as I had to have routine blood work done and am not going to be doing my usual tomorrow.
While I was gone, Gary was home to accept the delivery of our new sofa.
 Did a lot of reading this afternoon and at 5:30 we went down to 
the High School for Coop's concert.
 It started early, as it was a fund raiser and there were going to be performances 
by 6 different bands. 

 Cooper is in the 5th grade band and boy were they great.

There were all kinds of baskets donated by locals and it would be great to win one of them.

This is the 6th grade band.

The 7th/8th band was big and bold.
I am amazed by the improvement at all levels.
Jenny, Finn, Coop, Gary and I went down to the Mill House for dinner afterwards.  By then, the main roads had been salted and the side roads were very greasy.  A nice time.
 Yet another big drop in temperature.  From the 40s to the teens.
Night all.


Val Ewing said...

We are swapping from 40's in the day to 20's at night. Looks like it will be maple syrup weather!
We didn't get this rain you did, but at least our snow is melting slowly and not all just running off.

Dreaming said...

When my son was in band I was amazed at the changes in their performance from one semester to the next. I remain in awe of band teachers. They must be masters in individualized instruction. I can't imagine dealing with the cacophony of each 45 minute band period!
Did you win a basket? That would certainly brighten up a dreary day.
Love your new sofa, but the picture isn't right. The dogs should be snuggling on it!

Unknown said...

Those bands are awesome! I am always amazed at how much better the music programs for youngsters are here than in England!