Friday, January 15, 2021

Post #7126 Veggie Stir Fry and a Rustic Apple Tart

The sunrise was beautiful.

Every morning chore time starts off the same way.  Phoebe and Little Wonder go through the front paddock and check out the big pasture.

Angel seems to be improving little by little and joined the rest of the horses out back.

After chores I was on my computer for awhile....

then decided to make a rustic apple tart with raisins and walnuts.
Feeling a little domestic for some reason.

Yes, we had some nap time.

I was going to have a Zoom meeting with my She Sings buddies at 4pm, so started working on prepping dinner so it would not take me so long later.  We were long overdue for a good vegetarian meal so I decided to make a veggie stir fry with lomain and caramelized fresh pineapple.

We Zoomed at 4 (Lori Staubitz could not make it) to discuss this piece of equipment that will allow us to play together with quality sound....from our own homes.  Can't remember what it is called, but everything plugs into it and we wear headphones (which we all wore today).  We have not had a good chat for many months.
Here it is....whatever you call it....
We did not finish until after 5:30, so I'm glad I had gotten a head start on dinner.
I cut up a fresh pineapple, cubed it and put it in a frying pan with some butter.
Then I added some brown sugar and let it caramelize.
I had already started the lomain and then began stir frying veggies.  Lots of veggies.
Onions, carrots, celery,
green peppers....
roasted red peppers....
snow peas...
bean sprouts...
frozen peas and sesame seeds.
At the end I added a mixture of soy sauce, water, vinegar, sugar and flour to create a thickened sauce.


Night all.


Thursday, January 14, 2021

Post #7125 The Countdown to the Inauguration

 When?  When are we going to have more sunshine?  As of this time, we have had less snow than last year by 2 feet!

Fortunately I have only had a sore arm where the injection was made for the Covid-19 Vaccine I got yesterday morning. No other side effects at this point.  
Doing chores probably helped loosen it up a little.
This sure does not look like January.

Some friends sent the most beautiful flowers this afternoon.  What a gift.
Certainly made my day!

Gary had an appointment in Rochester today, and I did my usual nothing after chores.

The pups watched a movie with me and my friend Doug helped straighten out Drop Box so music can be sent to me from She Sings. He was able to walk me through it on the phone. We are going to be getting the necessary equipment so we can play together from our own homes, wearing headphones.  It would be so nice to spend more time with music.  We have not been together for months!!!!
Simple dinner.  A salad and leftover sloppy Joes.

The fire is calling me.
Night all.

The FBI has now informed Congress of three possible scenarios...all are terrifying.

Videos made by rioters are surfacing.
More and more police officers from around the country have been identified.  So sad to think of what was done to many Capitol policemen who were trying to defend the building.

There is great concern for what may take place at the state capitols.

It's a very sad time for this country and I worry about the next few days.