Thursday, October 22, 2020

Post #3079 The Great? Debate

 It was raining when we went out to the barn this morning.  Nice and muddy.

Steph arrived around 8 to pick up three big bags of horse manure to take to her camp, where Vedrana (Joe's Mom) plants her garlic.  That should add to the soil!

Of course we all got wet.

I took it easy much of the afternoon, but did manage to make another batch of "piccillili."
(green tomato relish)

Everyone who has tasted it loves the flavor....on hot dogs, sandwiches or whatever.
From 3:30-5 I participated in a Zoom Town Gown Meeting.  Did not do much picture taking.

Good light.....
No cooking tonight...we ordered out.
And there is the stink eye.....

I imagine Little Wonder and Phoebe will sleep through the debate.  Not me.....
Night all.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Post #7038 Puddles....

Gary had a meeting tonight, but the rest of the crew came up for dinner.
Steph will be leaving tomorrow.

Night all.