Monday, September 17, 2018

A Vacation Day...

 Holy mackerel!

  Around noon I grabbed a basket of tomatoes and drove down to Brockport 
 to meet Lorna and Hanny at Bobby's house for lunch and bridge.
 After a quick tour of her new home, we had a delicious meal.
Stuffed zucchini, salad and warm crusty bread.
 Dessert....homemade carrot cupcakes!
 We played bridge for about 3 hours....this sure was a mediocre hand.
 I did not get home until 5 and was told that we were having another hay delivery 
at 5:30.  I did not expect it today.
Fortunately Gary and Karen helped and it did not take long to unload 53 bales.
Beautiful and green 2nd cutting grass.
Before Jerry arrived I mowed the hill up to the barn loft, and when we were
done I kept on going.  2/3 of the pastures are left for another day.

Gary drove down to Ralph and Rosie's for
some pizza and I made a salad for dinner.  Tasted so good.
Now I am off duty.
Night all.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

A Foggy Start

 Before I finished chores the fog disappeared and I was able to
see a gazillion pigeons perched on the barn roof.
 The light on the Morning Glories was perfect.

 By 1 I was down at the gallery for our Sunday Jam.
We had a guest today, Ian H.  A great guitarist with a beautiful voice.
He sure raised the bar and we all did our best to join him.

 Back to the farm around 3:30 and eventually watched a Cross Country Event that 
was taking place in North Carolina....of all places.  International and beautiful horses.
Almost fell asleep.

 I was in no mood to make a big dinner as 
it was very hot and muggy today.
Eggs, toast and home fries were on tap.
 Around 7 I went out to feed the ponies and tuck them in.

 Little Wonder had a stick in his mouth and it looked like a cigar.

Night all.