Sunday, June 23, 2024

Yay! A Cold Front Has Arrived

East of us there were tornado warnings earlier and tonight the wind was strong enough to cool down the house.  We only had a tiny bit of rain, but it looks like more is on the way.

Little Wonder and Seymour went out to the barn with me this morning.

The temperature was not too bad but we still had some humidity....
that sent the boys back into the run-in for some hay.

We had a huge new blossom today.

The garden by the pergola is starting to perk up.

This afternoon we went to a celebration of life for our friend's (Brian R.) brother.  The place was packed and we only knew about 4 people. We got back to the farm around 4.  Because we had food there, I did not make dinner tonight.
The sky was very dark when it was time for evening chores and I thought it would rain....but so far it hasn't happened.

Hopefully Little Wonder will find some relief with this temperature change.
Gary pulled out some garlic that had "volunteered" over near the tomatoes.  I imagine his regular crop won't com out for a couple of weeks..but it still will be early.
Night all.


Saturday, June 22, 2024

The Old JD is Back in Business!

Not as hot as yesterday, but very muggy.

The coolest spot Little Wonder can find during morning chores is on the cement aisle by the stalls.
Of course Buddy and Rebel came back in again, and they made a mess.  Did not like the hay.

The day lilies are blooming like crazy and some of them are almost 4 feet tall.

Sidney Comes in every morning to eat, but prefers being outside to the coolness in the kitchen.
Gary planted some new flowers in front of the sign.  They are called glorisoa daisies.

He went down to Jenny's at 10am and again at 4pm to help put a couple coats of paint on her dining room walls.  Two more rooms to go.  
In the meantime, Scott worked on my old John Deere that had been losing power and found the problem.  In celebration, I gave it a good cleaning and will be very happy to have it for mowing the pastures.  It's has a much bigger deck than the new one and hopefully it  (the new one) will last longer since I won't be working it so hard.
Gary made everything for dinner on the grill tonight except for the salad.  Boneless pork, corn on the cob and grilled sweet onions (they were so good).  That way I did not have to heat up the kitchen.
Went out a little later for evening chores.  The gnats were back even tho the temperature was now in the lower 70s.
We could use some rain and just might get some tomorrow.
Night all.


Friday, June 21, 2024

Heat Advisory Will Be Back Sunday

Last night the moon was beautiful before I went to bed.

This morning it was not too bad when I went out to the barn.

Little Wonder was not thrilled....
Once again Buddy and Rebel were back in the barn just as I finished cleaning their stalls.  Must have been bugs.

My phone camera was acting up and it took me a long to figure it out.  Must have pushed the wrong button somewhere.  So I kept testing it.

I mowed the outside ring and it did not feel as bad as the last few days.
Also mowed the front paddock and did a little more weed whacking.
My poor dog was panting a lot and would hide out on the cement floor in Gary's barn.
Within an hour, Gary made two rhubarb sales.  This basket was for Lisa (Alice's friend) and she was going to make rhubarb syrup, which she freezes and uses in Mimosas.
Still testing.....

Finally, I turned off the phone and it must have reset itself, 'cause the camera started working right again.
Gary worked on a couple more gardens, and we went down to Fazools for a burger.

Chores a little after 8.  It was in the 70s, so I did not hose the boys.  They were hiding out in the run-in.

Still sitting in front of a fan.
Night all.