Saturday, April 10, 2021

Post #7212 80 Degrees Again!

Mid morning Jenny and Karen went for a trail ride.  Gorgeous.  Peaceful.

I raked the rings before they got here....
and mowed around the pastures while they were riding.
Little Wonder got hot keeping up with me.

As soon as Jenny and Karen were getting close to home Berlin was tuned in to them.

We had lunch on the porch....

and Jenny picked some daffodils to take home.
Gary prepared a couple of raised beds and planted 100 onions...then he took a nap on his shed porch.  100 more will go in the ground tomorrow.
I did not make dinner tonight.  We ordered out.

Chore duty.  The Rebel was napping.

Night all.


Friday, April 9, 2021

Post #7211 Spring

The sky looked like this before 7am.

On my way out to the barn at 7:30, it started raining but it did not last very long.

After chores (in my barn ensemble) I drove to Brockport and got a long overdue haircut.
Other than that, not much activity.
I did make some croutons....that was heavy work.
By late afternoon the sun was out and the horses were napping in the front paddock.

Gary did the hand mowing today and I will mow the path around the pastures tomorrow.
It sure looks a lot better around here.
I have had these flowers on my kitchen table for over 3 weeks.
In the meantime we have a gazillion daffodils that I would like to bring in.
An instant replay for dinner.  There was so much left, we froze a couple containers.

Night all.