Friday, September 22, 2023

Found It

We have had a major series of gorgeous days.

As expected, Rebel was gimpy this morning.
After chores I got all my stuff ready for our gig at the Harvest festival tomorrow and then created a basket of veggies for Andrea before heading out to Glen Darrach Farm.  She had some icthammol for me to pick up. 

I think next to Jenny, she is Little Wonder's favorite.
We stopped to pick up a sub for lunch and got back to the farm around noon.
Was hungry for some hamburger stroganoff and had to go to Wegmans for some mushrooms and sour cream.  Made that and waited for Scott to come as he was bringing us 9 pallets to stack our hay on.  We will get our first delivery tomorrow morning and Jenny is going to come and help.  Before leaving, he and Gary had a little chat with the boys.

Ate dinner and went back out to tuck Rebel and Buddy in for the night.  Ironically, Rebel walked in better than he's been for days.  Just 45 minutes earlier he was very gimpy.
Night all.


Thursday, September 21, 2023

More of the Same

Another cool morning that ended up at 71 degrees.  Of course Rebel was still lame.

I picked some beets....they are HUGE and we have a lot more.
This afternoon I ran errands and did not have to go to bridge at the Library.   
Around 5 I went out to work on Rebel's foot.

Unfortunately, he knocked the bucket over before time was up.

I did my thing.  Sole Pack, diaper, sock, duct tape and a little vet wrap

They never want to go back out....keep waiting for more cookies.

French Toast and sausage for dinner...
then back out to tuck the boys in.  Yep, Rebel was still gimpy.
Night all.


Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Still Lame

Man, it was cold last the 40s.

As expected, Rebel was back to being very lame this morning.  I gave him 1 gram of Bute and rewrapped his foot.  He is one tough cookie, and walked (gimped) all over the place with his Buddy.
After chores I went on the hunt for more icthammol.  Not one store had it.  Not even Wegmans.

I happened to have 2 sole packs, used one this morning.
Rehearsal this afternoon.

When we were finished, I managed to find more sole packs at Country Max and will continue soaking Rebel's foot in epsom salts.

Just before dinner there was some good light on my painting (it's over 5 feet x 5 feet).

Out for evening chores at 7:15.

My poor boy.

Night all.