Saturday, October 31, 2020

Post #7049. Why????????

Be prepared.  Today I reached my capacity in many ways and I am going to use my words.

It was a crispy start to the day, but we had some gorgeous sunshine.

When I finished doing chores I looked across the street and this is what I saw.
Several men were on the corner lot setting up these banners and tables of junk.
It appeared that they were going to sell this stuff.
Don't you especially love the banner with Trump holding a weapon?

I asked the property owner (who does not live there) what was going on and she
immediately was on the scene asking them to take the banners down as she did not approve 
of what they represented.  They took them down....

and ten minutes later put up new banners.  Confederate flags, Don't tread on me, and others.
Nice!  No respect for the owner.  She returned again and had them take down more.
They did leave a few up and it did not appear that they had much business.  The lot is
co-owned, and apparently the other owner gave them permission to have a "garage sale."
Not may favorite way to start my day, and I felt sorry for the owner who would never have allowed this to happen on the property.  Garage sale my foot.  An excuse to push politics.
As if that was not bad enough, when I got in the house and turned on the TV, I saw a video showing the Biden/Harris bus surrounded by vehicles filled with Trump supporters and it appeared that some of them had weapons.  Did they want to run it off the road?  This was on Friday in Texas.  We are in big trouble if this is what it's going to be like for the foreseeable future.  What happened to civility?  Of course I expect people to be supportive of their candidates....and there will always be differences, but this is totally out of control.  Does this bother anyone else??????

Made a trip to Weggies and picked up one of Danny's favorites.
No cooking tonight. 

Tucked in the ponies and am ready to get out by the fire.

Night all.


Friday, October 30, 2020

Post #7048 Faaaareeeezin....

Cold enough for the dogs to wear their coats....
and the horses needed their blankets.

As you can see, we are still very muddy.

Made power bowls for lunch.

Nice for a change.
I picked a few things out of the I had no carrots to make coleslaw for dinner.
The pups ran around while I gathered a ginormous beet and some greens.
They will be frozen tonight.

Never get tired of coleslaw.
We also had roasted potatoes
and white hots (no nitrates).
Tonight we are dipping into the mid 20s.
Night all.