Thursday, May 31, 2018


Another hot and muggy day.  It was supposed to rain, but so far it hasn't.

 After chores I mowed the double paddock ....
 and now all the pastures are done.

 My friend Judy was stopping by so I picked her some spinach and rhubarb.

 Yep!  Another new blossom.

 She arrived at 3 with big fat cookies from Greg'rys, and Gary got home from work around 3:30.  I had to jump in the shower and was down at the college a little after 4.
The Office of Community Development was holding 
a Community Partner Summer Social.

 Mary and I were there along with several Village Board members, other friends and community members.  In recent years the college has encouraged it's students to become more involved in our community and they have volunteered regularly.
Over the past several years the relationship between the College and our Town/Village has grown....It benefits all of us.
 No making dinner tonight.  Between Gary's 3:30 lunch and snacks at the event, who needs a meal?  I just had a peanut butter cookie and a glass of milk.
 Little Wonder and Phoebe are not that happy with the temperature in our house.
It's a good thing we have fans...and Gary put an 
air conditioner in our bedroom yesterday.
I look forward to some days in the 70s.
Night all.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Get Out The Hose!

 Last night the moon was beautiful.
This morning was not too bad either!
 The temperature was headed for 92 degrees and the girls spent most of the day
in the run-in or the indoor where there was a decent breeze.

 After I put Phoebe and Little Wonder back in the house with the fans,
I went out to mow the big pastures.  75% before lunch, 25% after.
 Looks like a golf course now.

 Late afternoon I went out and sprayed Maggie and Angel with the hose.
I sure wish Abbe and Berlin would like it.

These two would stand there all day.

 After having an instant replay of last nights dinner we went down to the 
High School to watch a concert being presented by the 7th and 8th grade
band and chorus.  This hanging is still in the auditorium.  I retired in 1999
and it was put together before then.  Silk painting.
 This one was mine.  Sankofa!
Cooper  (7th grade) plays the trumpet in the band and I could not be more impressed.
There must be at least 75 or 80 kids and they sounded great!

They were followed by the chorus.
It's so nice to see all these kids interested in music.
Night all.