Saturday, May 12, 2018

Music, Music and Music

What a day.
We had a gig at the opening of the Canal and would not play if it rained.
Waiting for the word.
I went out to do morning chores and we set up the girl's hay and gates so they would 
not be anywhere near the barns, as they were supposed to start patching the roofs.
That all depended on the weather too.
 Because their routine was different, the girl's were wild when we set them up in a different space.  By then it was raining 

 and Little Wonder got soaked 
 while smart Phoebe stayed on the porch (Gary's barn).

 Eventually it stopped raining and we ended up playing at
Low Bridge High Water.

 After finishing, many of us stayed to listen to Chris Wilson.
He is a Brockport High School graduate andan amazing singer, musician and song writer. His home is up the road from our farm and it has been very exciting to watch
all that he has done.  I have shown you his new venue, The Barn, and have posted a few videos.  He has performed around the world and we are so lucky to have him back home.  Today he dedicated his second song to me as we had spoken about my cousin, John Belushi, and how much he liked to sing this song.

Chris loves to do his own take on songs and I loved this one.
I could easily post 10 more clips!  He has such a great voice.

Sure enough, while I was down at the Canal opening, the roofer showed up.
Fortunately, Gary was home.  I got back just before he drove this honkin',
ginormous lift through the paddock gate.

 His name is Mike and he is doing a fantastic job!
He will be back tomorrow.
Another blossom today!

That late afternoon sun told me it was chore time.
I had duty tonight and the horses were very cooperative about coming in a different door.  The roofer was still working in the paddock.

We had plenty of pizza from the Canal event so I made no dinner.
At 7 we were in Brockport again for a free concert by the 
Rochester Ukulele Orchestra.
They are the whole reason I started playing the baritone ukulele.
Once I heard them I knew it was something I wanted to learn.
I loved the variety of songs they played/sang.

Randy is singing this first song.  On Saturday mornings you can go into
Bernunzio Uptown Music in Rochester (a candy store for instruments and everything else you could want) with other ukulele players and learn songs.  He is an outstanding teacher and I participated a few times.

Listening to them is such an inspiration!
Night all.


Nancy J said...

What a wonderful performance, I could listen all night. Red blossom,glorious and bright.

Val Ewing said...

Wow, you certainly are one very busy lady! Looks like you had some rain and cold after a few nice days.

Grey Horse Matters said...

A music filled day. Loved those songs too. He has a great voice. You sure know how to fit a lot into your days! Have a great Mother’s Day😊🌸

lilysgrannie said...

Thanks for all the great music clips this morning and have a great Mother's Day!

ann @ studiohyde said...

Wow! Chris has such an amazing voice 👍