Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Back to Drumming....Just A Little

We woke up to fog....thick, low hanging fog.

 and Little Wonder joined me for chores.

 I did a couple loads of laundry and took a shower before going down to the 
Sweden Senior Singer's rehearsal at the Baptist Church, as I was asked to
drum for a couple of songs at their concert Friday night.
My djembe weighs a ton so I put it on a little cart so I can pull it.
Gary loaded it into the car for me before he went to Java.

 The Director was kind enough to go over those two songs right at the beginning
as I was going to a retired teachers luncheon at 11:30.

 There were about 40 of us who met at 58 Main.
This is the only time I see some of them and it's a good opportunity 
to catch up.

 The food was excellent.
 It was 75 degrees when I got home so I decided to mow the lawn.
This is the time of year when it grows like crazy.

 The girls were in the outdoor arena while I was mowing around it
 so of course I had to stop and take photos.

 My old girl (Berlin) was enjoying a good roll.
 Her coat is getting so shiny.

 You can hardly see my new rope fence.  
I have to trim off the lower branches on the apple tree.
 Yesterday I discovered two new blossoms and forgot to take pictures.
 Now one has already closed and this one is on it's way.
 Brenda, Al, Ron and Ann are coming to dinner tomorrow night so I set 
the table and picked some flowers.
 I am making a German dinner as I bought some sausage the last time we went
to Swan's Market for lunch.  We will also have German potato salad (made by Ann), sweet and sour red cabbage, fried apples, pumpernickel bread and extra sharp cheddar cheese.  Brenda will bring dessert.  A surprise.
I may do an asparagus appetizer wrapped in ham that you dip in a honey mustard cheese sauce.  If the weather is good, we will start out on the porch.

Night all.
I have to rest up so I can clean the house, prepare food
and go to a 2pm meeting tomorrow.

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Grey Horse Matters said...

Another busy day. It seems you never have any down time.