Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Better and Better

I really appreciate this gorgeous weather.
It was chilly this morning and heated up quickly.
 Before feeding the girls I opened up the smaller pasture and
closed off the outdoor arena.
This is what it looked like after being under water part 
of the winter and early spring....finally dry!
Gordon was set to rototill it this morning.
 In the meantime, breakfast was served and the stalls were cleaned.

 The footing is quite spectacular when this is done.

 Class at 10:30.  Just Anita and Tina today.

 My trike was waiting for me but I never went for a ride.

 Here is the finished product!  Is that not beautiful?

 I'll bet all of the horses rolled in it.

 Lunch was a salad and then I
 went down to Jenny's to let the dogs out.

 Karen rode Maggie down the lane before doing chores and the rest of the 
herd kept close tabs on where they went.

Night all.

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