Saturday, May 26, 2018

Crazy Busy....

Pretty hot and muggy today.
The girls were not happy with the gnats and I put the fan on for the first time.

 We had many new iris blossoms in all different colors.

 And...a new hibiscus blossom.
 Apparently the porch is a good place for these plants as they are very health looking.

 It looks like they finished working the field to the South of us,
 At 10:30 I drove down to the Vet's Club for their Memorial Day Celebration.
There were people there representing the Sweden, Clarkson and Village Boards.

 Tucker Trask was the Essay Contest winner....his topic was
"Veterans Issues and Politics."
 The guest speaker was Command Sargent Major Marvin Patterson
United States Army.  

 Mary must have been saying something very important!
 After partaking in a chicken bbq for lunch I drove out to Albion with a car 
loaded with my student's art work.  We will be having a show there and the opening will be on the first Friday in June.

Tina and Brenda also drove out a car full of artwork and after dropping it off
we checked out some of the paintings that were still hanging from the May show.
This one is by Kim Martilotta (Gallery owner).
 The next three are by her friend, Tony Barry.

 Kim wrote a book that is for sale.
Well written and full of beautiful illustrations.
 I would love to spend some time in that swing on her porch.
 The canal was quiet
 and Main Street had quite a few empty storefronts.
 I got back to the farm before 3 and started binging on my new favorite series
"Mozart of the Jungle."
 Jenny and Scott drove in the driveway with his latest vehicle...
a gorgeous little MG.  Classic!  They are going to have so much
 fun driving it around this summer.

 Back in the 60s I had an Austin Healey 3000 and this sure brought back some
memories.  I used to be a real car nut.
Chore duty tonight.  The girls spent a lot of time in the run-in today.
Way too many bugs and they were ready to go in for the night.

 Gary has made some real progress in the gardens over the past two days.
He took a short rest before we

 drove in to Brockport for dinner.
It was so late the sun was setting.

We chose Barber's.
Just before leaving we got into a conversation with some people sitting at the bar!
So interesting!  They are stopping at the farm on their way out of town tomorrow
to pick up some rhubarb.  It's always such a pleasure to meet new people.
 Night all.

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Nancy J said...

Lovely Iris shades, and the sky is looking like it's getting closer to summer there every day.