Friday, June 30, 2023

AQI 167, 80 Degrees, Muggy

I don't know how people in Canada and those who have had fires in California stand this smoke. 

After chores I went to Wegmans... not much activity after that.
Watched a couple more episodes of "Suits" and did make a nice dinner.
Gary was at the grill with a mask on in the middle of the haze.

I'm amazed that these blossoms showed up.

Chores at 8.  Still awful outside.
Rebel left his mask somewhere and so far it has not been found.
They must have been in the run-in a long time today as once again it was loaded with manure.  90% of the hay was gone.
They were very happy to get tucked in.
Little Wonder had a bone after dinner and I think he buried it somewhere outside.  His whiskers were all dirty and he sure was hot when we came in the house.

It's a good thing the fans are keeping the house cool (ish).
Night all.

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Vinegar....Strong Vinegar

 The Air Quality Index is 156 (8:30pm).  That does not thrill me.  This is how it looked when I went out for morning chores.

I wore a mask again.
When I got back in the house I decided that a smoothie was in order.  A whole banana, (blueberries, cherries, peaches, pineapple, mango - all frozen) with a shot of lemonade and a little oj.  Perfect.

We have to get rid of some weeds before we have our driveway paved in a couple weeks and do not want to use Round-up.  Instead we are using some very strong vinegar.  It works very quickly and should not hurt our animals.
After two weeks off, I went back to the library for an afternoon of bridge.

I stopped at the bank on my way home and when I arrived Scott and Jenny were there to pick up some primer for her garage door.  They were watching Joe Biden, who was on Nicole's show at 4.

By this afternoon, the area Gary sprayed was all brown.  We were told that when they do the prep work for the driveway, grass is no problem, but dandelions have the potential to grow right up through the pavement.  So...we are doing the best we can to get rid of them.

We had leftovers for dinner....cold.  And it was just as yummy as it was hot.  Made a fresh salad with apples, crasins and walnuts.

Chores at 8.  The gnats were outrageous.  Apparently the horses spent much of the day in the run-in as they finished off the hay nets and dropped a major load of manure!
They were very happy to go in their stalls.

Night all.

The entire Grgas Family is in Croatia for a family reunion.  12 of them!
They are having such a good time at the home of Vedrana and Arsen (grandparents, who have a beautiful home there).  Life is good.....

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Advisory For The Entire State

I wore a mask this morning and just wore one tonight.  Currently the Air Quality Advisory is at 131 and it was 153 earlier.

Until this afternoon we had wind and the temperature stayed in the 60s so the horses spent time grazing.

I had set up hay nets in the run-in in case they wanted to be inside.

After a three week vacation from music....we had a rehearsal today.  Little Wonder took it easy and was there the whole time.  No drummer today.

It felt good to be making some music.

I had purchased zucchini at the Farm Market and thought it was time for a vegetarian dinner.  First I sautéed it with a big onion until it was very soft.  Put it in a buttered big pie plate, then I added a chopped tomato, some chives and a little Romano cheese,  On top of that, 6 beaten eggs.
Just before it was finished, I topped it
with some grated cheddar cheese.
Sandra, I think you and Mark would like this.  Like a quiche with no crust.
Picked some spinach and made a quick salad.
Delicious and enough leftovers for tomorrow.
The sky was overcast when I went out at 8 and you could still smell the smoke.
The gnats were outrageous.

Tomorrow is supposed to be bad too.  All of our windows are closed and we are using fans.
I hope this does not cause problems with our animals.
Night all.