Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes!

We woke up to a day like no other.

Everything was grey and the smell of smoke was strong.

I made sure there were hay nets in the run-in so Rebel and Buddy could get inside.
At one point we were at 193, and now (6:33pm) we are at 118.
This morning Buddy went right out and since Rebel was still gimpy, he went for the hay inside.

Of course they both ended up in the pasture and had to be impacted by the smoke.

Little Wonder stayed in the barn with me.  I wore a mask today,
Around 9am it looked like this.  On the news they said that New York had the poorest air quality in the entire world.  I wonder how bad it was in Canada?

Around noon there was a change....
the wind kicked up, the sky turned blue and you could see the sun,

We all stayed in the house most of the day.

By late afternoon the air quality index was around 130.
Earlier I made some chicken and gravy out of the stock (with veggies) that I had left from roasting the chicken a couple days ago.  The flavor was fantastic as there was a lot of fresh lemon juice in it.
Served it on mashed potatoes with a salad made from our own lettuce.  I'm in the groove to use cider vinegar and oil (don't measure it) for dressing.  It tastes so fresh.

A little of the haze is back and it does not smell so smokey.  Can still see the sunshine.
Almost chore time.  I hope The Rebel is not as gimpy.

Fortunately, he was walking a little better,

Night all.



Terra said...

I live in California and can relate to that awful smoke haze as we went through some nearby wild fires in past months. I found that keeping the house closed and running my two room air purifiers was a big help in improving air quality for breathing. Maybe you have an air purifier? Be well and I hope your horse gets back to full health soon.

Val Ewing said...

We just went through a few days of really poor Air Quality and I kept the house closed and the air flowing through filters.
We had Red Flag alerts yesterday because of the low humidity and dry conditions.

Stay healthy and safe! I know it isn't easy.

Sandra said...

I've been hearing that NY is the worst for air quality now. We've had warnings but haven't had anything like that. This morning the news said it isn't any better, at least in NYC. I made stock the other day, chicken and gravy over mashed potatoes sounds excellent, I think I'll do it!

Nancy J said...

We are seeing the Canadian fires on our TV news down here, and the smoke is drifting so far. The air quality, I also see alarms for that in so many places. Hope all the ponies and you can cope with it. Dinner looked so tasty.

Lori Skoog said...

The air quality index is at 93 right now and the average on a regular day is 51. Much better than yesterday. It's also a lot cooler and we keep waiting for rain. All kinds of activities continue to be cancelled but we are headed in a better direction. It's all about the wind.