Thursday, June 1, 2023

Are You Kidding? 89 Degrees.

This was a very gnaty hot one.

The yellow rose bush was loaded this morning and so beautiful.

Just as I said yesterday, Rebel and Buddy strolled into the barn while I was cleaning their stalls.  Why did I not remember to close the gate????

I got them to go back out and....
didn't Buddy come in for the second time?

I did a little weed whacking but not much more.
Our first strawberries are turning red....
and the pots of leaf lettuce and spinach are taking off.

Gary has to water the gardens now.  We probably will not have rain until next week.
At 1 I was at the library for bridge.  Skip and I landed on the bottom.
When I left at 4 my car temp said 107 degrees....but by the time I got back to the farm it was really 89.
We met Rob and Shamra for a quick dinner and I tucked the ponies in at 8.

Once again Rebel removed his mask.

Night all.

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