Wednesday, May 31, 2023

The Gnats Are Back! 85 Degrees

Now we need some rain.  So many ups and downs this spring.

After finishing chores I mowed the outdoor arena, which is about filled in by 80%.  Where it's nice and thick the footing is getting much better.  Lots of clover.  The entire time I was out there gnats were on the attack....and it was only 9am!
Gary ran a lot of errands today and I had 
practice.  Had to put on the air conditioner so we would not get fried.

This is what it takes for all of us to have our instruments and mics hooked up.  Thanks to Tom.  He has it all figured out.

We have out biggest gig yet coming up in July so we are trying to pick our best 20 songs with a few more in reserve.  We won't have another practice until late July due to members traveling.
Little Wonder lasted for about 2 hours and then went inside for a nap.

Gary washed all the fans and now they are whirling in the kitchen and the library.  We usually don't need them this early.

These two ponies must have spent the majority of the day in this run-in as I picked an entire wheel barrow of manure when I went out for evening chores.  They were very happy to get tucked in.
Night all.



Val Ewing said...

Gnats arrived here too, though because it is so dry, they are not so bad yet.

Hope we get rain also.

Sandra said...

We are engulfed in mosquitos, the gnats will soon follow. I had to turn the a/c on last night, it was so hot and humid. I guess this is the new normal.