Saturday, July 31, 2021

#7325. Wallace

This is going to be a two part post.  Part one will be my day and Part two will feature Wallace, one of  most beautiful foals I've ever seen.

Nice and cool today.

Gary spent many more hours working in the pergola garden.

A little before 11, Little Wonder and I headed out to Glen Darach Farm for a photo shoot.
I brought Andrea a big box of beets.
Wallace was sacked out when we arrived.
  He and his mom were taken out for some pasture time so I could have good light for photos while they were eating and getting some exercise.

A couple of kids were visiting with their Gram, who boards her minis there.  Little Wonder loved them.

Around 12:30 we headed home...

Gary was still in the garden at 4pm.

Leftovers for dinner.
Then it was time for me to do evening chores.

Now I would like to show you some of the photos I have been taking of Wallace (and some Lillies).
Wallace is an Anglo-Trakehner sired by Abdullah out of Fiddler.  Abdullah passed a few years ago, but his owners saved frozen seman and that is what was used to create this sweet boy.  I have written about his sire in the past, as he was the sire of Berlin's Dam, Marieke and was very famous in the horse world.  He was in the Olympics and a World Cup Winner in 1985.  I really think Wallace is going to look just like him.  Andrea is so fortunate to have a foal of this quality and she is just the right person to bring him along.  Is he not gorgeous????

Fiddler is such a beauty!

I can't wait to go out for another photo shoot.

I have been having a grand time with Photoshop Elements adding texture to some of my photos.

That's it.
Night all.