Sunday, May 31, 2015

85 to 45

An extreme change in the weather!
Karen let the girls out and even tho it was raining they chose to go to the pasture instead of dining on hay under the shed roof.
We cleaned the stalls and put them back in the barn, as they were wet and Angel had the shakes.

 These girls are not used to being in during the day and it takes them awhile to settle in.

 It was so cold, Gary and I decided to have French toast for breakfast.  Just seemed right.
 He was supposed to work at Sara's, but that got cancelled because of the weather.
We both had a very relaxing afternoon.  A little Netflix and I made a huge batch of mixed fruit.  Watermelon, cantaloupe and of our favorite go to snacks.  Had so much I gave some to Jenny along with a big bag of spinach.

Started preparing our last Blue Apron meal around 5.

 I got all the ingredients ready....

 and was done in no time at all.
 Added a side of fruit.
Loved the flavors in this dish.
 A little before 4 Karen stopped in and let the horses out while she picked the stalls.  It was still so crummy out they were put back in within half an hour.
I did chores at 7.  Fortunately the temperature in the barn was 50.
Grained all the girls, gave them more hay (they ate plenty earlier) and topped off their water buckets.
 It never fails.  If I have Gordon work up the outdoor arena, we have a monsoon.

Night all.
By the way, we have had a fire going much of the day and it feels darn good.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Don't Bug Me....

Another morning where the breeze made a difference.

 It got steamy very quickly and the clothes dried in no time.
 Gary spent hours in the garden and it was so hot he had to stay hydrated.
We must have 300 onion sets.
 I picked some spinach (we are loaded), and we put some wires up around the raspberry bushes.
 The next time we have a cool day I am going to make some leek and potato soup.

 Time out for lunch.  We have found the best organic tomato juice....yum, with ice and a slice of lemon.
Enjoyed our first sweet!

 I sure hope it rains tonight, as Gary has had to haul a lot of water for his new plants.

 Our next to the last Blue Apron Night.
Curry-Spiced Chicken Thighs with Sugar Snap Peas & Fingerling Potatoes.
 There recipe directions are very clear.

 The salad was not BA.  I had to take advantage of our own spinach and strawberries to make a Saint Tim Salad.
 Another delicious meal.
 Linda (next door) brought a little friend (Bella) over to meet the horses while I was doing chores.

 They also brought along a little bag of carrots that the girls thoroughly enjoyed.

 These last three evenings we have had an incredible number of gnats.  When I take their masks off they can't wait to get in the barn.

 Bella thanked us with these flowers and really enjoyed meeting the girls.

Night all.