Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Last Rehearsal

In the 30s and misty raining this morning.
On with the sheets...the girls were going out and I did not want to worry about colic.

 Chorus at 9:30.  Last practice before our concert Friday night.
Better than our rehearsal on Monday.

Ran a couple errands on my way home and spent a very quiet afternoon.
Dinner was leftovers.
 Had to pick some fresh tulips for the kitchen.  They are not going to last much longer.

 Chores at 7.

 The wind finally stopped blowing and it was the most beautiful part of the day.
 Tucked the girls in....
When I came into the library to write this post, the light was at it's finest.

Night all.
We could have a frost tomorrow morning!  Not good for all the orchards in the area.


  1. I hope you do not get that frost!

  2. Hits a little chilly here this morning. Hope you didn't get the frost.


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