Thursday, April 30, 2015

Opening Night

Another perfectly gorgeous day in the 60s with plenty of sunshine.

 We were done with chores in no time.

 Gary brought home a couple of apple trees we need to figure out where we want them.
 Flowers are popping up all over the place.

 I mowed the outdoor arena late morning and the grass really needs to fill in.  No problem in the lane or the back forty.  Growing like crazy.

 The lawn has now been mown for the first time and looks much better.

 Seymour and Sophie spent a lot of time on the back porch where their condo is located.  What a difference this weather makes.
 Gary transplanted strawberries today.  We are going to have so many!  Jam is in my future.
 Breakfast for dinner.  Now I have to go out and feed the girls.

Going to the Sankofa opening tonight.
Clyde is retiring after a very long career and will be missed.
 Khalid will continue to be the musical director, sharing his talents with students and community members who drum with him on Saturdays.
Night all.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What A Bummer

Spectacular weather, one or two things to do every day this week, I can't drum or do anything that requires my left hand and it's still throbbing.

 Gary and Karen did most of the chores this morning, but I did make an appearance to see what
I was capable of doing.

 Picked some daffodils for the porch and kitchen after I did a little mowing.

 Had to go to Wegmans for a few things, and then I was off to see my regular Doctor.
 When I drove over a bridge, I noticed that the canal was almost full.  It will open for travel in the next week or so.

 The girls really seem to be enjoying the milder temperatures. 
Hit 70.
Tried to rest for awhile as tonight was the Sankofa dress rehearsal and I usually go and take pictures.  Brought an ice pack with me and had more luck with videos than still shots.  Karen was kind enough to do evening chores.

This year Clyde Morgan is retiring (the choreographer) so it's a very special event.  Generally all the shows are sold out.
Every year they end the show with a signature performance.
All the pieces were well done and if you have your tickets, you will really enjoy the show.
Night all.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Chores as usual.

 The garlic and rhubarb....growing like crazy.
 Class as usual.  A new student started today....welcome Pat.

 Shamra brought 5 dozen eggs... as usual.

 Then came the unusual.
I started cutting vines off the stone wall and that led to some pruning.
Sid was sleeping under the vegetation...looking dead.  Scared me until I realized he was just snoozing in the sun.
 I tripped on a root, fell down and put a huge puncture in my left arm.  Was just about to take a set of keys to Gary (locked out of his van) so I ran water on my arm, covered it with paper towels and drove to Brockport where the emergency room was located.
 I needed stitches and was all shot up with lidocane (sp?)...which has worn off and I'm hurtin'.
Gary picked up dinner and I snuck out to tuck the girls in.
My left arm was useless.

 When he got home he picked the paddock for me.
End of story.
Night all.