Wednesday, February 28, 2018

62 Degrees With Snow On The Way Tomorrow Night

Another gorgeous sunrise this morning.

 And that was before I went out to the barn.
There was good light in the house...but not too exciting.

 Before lunch Little Wonder, Phoebe and I went down to Country Max for grain, then to Bergen to get some stamps at the post office.
Gary was busy interviewing a candidate this morning, and when he got home
 we finished taking down the last posts and boards in the pasture.
 Perfect timing, before the snow hits us tomorrow night.
 You could feel the change in temperature by late afternoon 
and the wind kicked up.

 Ironically, the sun was back out by 5.

 Gary had another dinner meeting tonight so I was happy to 
just have some French toast.
I have been a bum about going to Agape this week.
Did not go Monday or Wednesday and will try to make it tomorrow and Friday.
Today I finished another audible book...took it out to the barn with me
while I was cleaning stalls and plan to start doing that every morning.
So much for today....
Night all.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Are You Sure It's Not April?

Great weather today.
Sunshine right off the bat.

 After chores I took down more fence boards and was even able to pull out a post.
I'm combining the two grass paddocks into one big one and will see if I can use some of the boards to replace several in the outer fence.  
Most of them have been up since 1981!
Class at 10:30.

 Tina brought in some new watercolor pens and I had a great time testing them.

 This afternoon Gary finished taking down the rest of the fence boards (even pulled out the posts) and George H. came over to discuss a new farm sign.  You know George, right?  He used to come to our jam group and is a great musician and singer.  Anyway, he is a sign painter/creator and should be able to come up with some good ideas.
Leftover pasta and salad for dinner.
When it's Tuesday it's Town Board night.
Night all.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Another Vacation Day

Sunshine makes all the difference.

 Another hibiscus blossom arrived this morning.

 At noon I arrived at Hanny's new home for lunch and an afternoon of bridge.
 What a beautiful space...welcoming, warm and full of great energy.
 Our lunch was superb.
 Cornbread scones...
 and Hungarian Mushroom Soup from the Moosewood Cookbook.
 I really look forward to these days with Ann, Bobby and Hanny.

 Two desserts!  One with nectarines and cherries...the other with blueberries.
 I played with Bobby and we squeaked out a win in the last two hands.
 Back at the farm by 4:30
 Just in time
 make a salad for tonight's dinner.
 Very different from the usual.
 My own invention.
 First I blanched asparagus, drained it and topped it with homemade Italian dressing and chopped red onions.  Then I added chopped hardboiled eggs, crumbly blue cheese, those little peppers (can't remember the name) and fresh ground pepper.
This is different and you would love the blending of flavors.
It was time for our monthly meal with Ann, Ron, Brenda and Al.

 The pond in front of Ron and Ann's home was filled to capacity.

 We always start off with some appetizers and drinks.

 For our first course we had the salad.
Next, a spicy soup with a cauliflower base and almonds.....
 followed by two African chicken dishes.

 We also had green beans with bacon in a delicious marinade.

 Brenda brought another outstanding dessert.
Chocolate and peanut butter cake.
There are not too many restaurants where you can get meals like this!
 It was a night for some pretty serious discussions about the state of the world.
We did manage to work in some laughs.

Home by 10.  
The dogs missed me today.
I think Little Wonder was pretty mad that I was gone so much.
Night all.