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Monday, February 5, 2018

2017 Monika W. Andrews Creative Volunteer Leadership Award

Very cold this morning, but the sun did appear.
 It must be in a different place, as it is shining into the kitchen earlier.

 There was a little fresh snow...enough for me to use my trusty sled to 
set up the hay in the front paddock.

 Phoebe and Little Wonder stayed with me until everything was finished in the barn.

 I had a 1pm appointment at
 Elizabeth Wende for a mammogram...always a little scary, but everything was ok.
 Whenever I am there I sit next to the fish tank.

On the way home I stopped at Wegmans for a few things.
By the time dinner was ready, the sun was starting to set.

We each had a leftover pork chop, brown rice, carrots and a salad.
 At 6:45 we arrived at the Village Hall
 where Gary was to receive an award in recognition of outstanding service to the community
through creative and innovative leadership as a volunteer.
 My friend Susan was there doing a video of the Board meeting.

 At each meeting, Bill Andrews presents historical information about something that has taken place in our community.  Tonight, it was very entertaining to say the least!
The award Gary received was in honor of his wife.
Linda Ketchum presented the certificates.

 There were also two runners up...
Hanny Heyen (one of my bridge playing partners in crime and other things)
and John Rombaut.
 Both, very committed to our community.
 Many of our friends were there...like Brenda!
 Photos were being taken for a newspaper article
and I took a few for my Journal.
 Back in the day Hanny and Jenny used to work together as Congressional Aides
for John LaFalce.

 Gary was very honored to be recognized in this way.
Am I short or what????
Night all.

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  1. The love shines through in an enormous glow, what a wonderful family you have Lori, super photo at the award ceremony, and the award, congrats to you both. The "or what" will do any time, as I join you in the shorter legs division.My Mum was shorter still than I was or am now, and her brother was not accepted into the airforce as he was...WAIT for this..., 4'11" short.


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