Friday, November 30, 2012

In the Teens Tonight.....

 Cold and grey....
 At noon Judy, Sally, Mary and I drove in to Monroe Community College for one of their special luncheons.  As mentioned before, they have a culinary program there and the students plan all the International meals in addition to preparing and serving them.
 Here is a fuzzy version of today's menu.

 It was delish.
 When we left it was still grey.  Got home, started a fire and read for awhile.
I was so cozy it was hard to go back outside for chores.  Of course my girls needed dinner no matter what so I did what I've done for 31 years and they were happy to get in the barn.  
It was faaaaarrrreeeezzzzin before we got in there.

 Once again the snow was starting to stick.
 And here are more green shots (no flash/barn light which is not green).

 Made a salad...
 and some sauce for dinner.
Night all.

Thursday, November 29, 2012




Night all.


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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's Snowing Tonight

 After chores I went down to chorus, and spent the rest of the afternoon hangin' with the pups and Sid.

 Gar got Finn and Coop off the bus.  At 5 I did chores.
 It was snowing.
 Tucked the girls in...
 and got back to the house right when Gary arrived with the boys.
 We took them over to Sam's Diner in Holley for dinner while their Mom went on a run.
 It was still snowing when we left.
 Dropped the boys off at home...
 The neighborhood is decked out for Christmas.

 Doesn't it seem like there is a major rush on the holidays starting after Halloween?
I need to get by the fire.
Night all.