Wednesday, November 7, 2012


 After only a few hours of sleep, I woke up to a gorgeous sunrise.
Last night I stayed awake for the speeches (while my buddies crashed)....
Over the past couple of months I watched both conventions and all the debates in order to become as informed as possible.  Yesterday I voted and was pleased with the results in many races.  Today I was saddened by the horrific comments that were being made on line by people who were not happy.  I'm sure many of you have seen them.  As I don't want to start anything, I will let it go there.  Thank you tho, to those of you who posted very gracious statements.
I flew through chores....
 When the sun shines into this old barn (well over 100 years old) it adds to it's charm.
 It was in the 20s last night!
 Frosted grass for breakfast.

 Gary went down to Java and over to chorus.  I waited for the farrier, who arrived at 10 to check out Berlin and find her abcess.
 I called them in just before he arrived and she cantered! all the way from the back pasture.
 She and Abbe came in through the "people" halters, no nothing.  Love it.
John found the spot within 2 minutes.  Yay!!!!!!!!
 Today, Morgan came along, and Duncan stayed home.

 What a great guy!  He did charge, because he wants to help the horse.
 I went down to the second half of chorus and should not have bothered.  The singing irritated my throat and I left the room when a coughing fit came on.  Sat it out downstairs and ended up going over to Java afterward for lunch with Sally and Judy.  Had what I always have....a Greek Panini.
So good.

 Spent some time watching "Damages" this afternoon and went out to do chores at 5:15.
 My blossom is still surviving.

 Tucked the girls in and was outathere in 15 minutes.

 When I got back in the house, the Johnny Cake was done.  Perfect timing.
 I forgot to take a picture of my chili before I stirred in some sour cream and cheese, so it looks ugmo.
 Have to get back in the salad groove.
I'll be lucky to keep my lids open 'til 9pm.
Night all.


Nancy J said...

I'm sure there will lots/thousands/millions of very tired people today.We had great coverage, I watched most of it, and yes, whatever outcome, some will be happy, some will be gutted, and others who do not care as they were in the "clean-up" mode after Sandy.But if you do not vote, do not complain later.Lovely photos of the frost. Cheers from Jean.

sharon creech said...

Oh, that cute white dog . . . and that yum food. That's it - I'll have to make some chili this week! xx

Val Ewing said...

I guess I can say this. We still have the freedom to vote and many rights that others don't have.
I was astounded by some of the comments made on line today.

Let's just take it one day at a time and move into the future with hope, right?

I awakened to dark ominous skies, but the day ended beautifully...I played with a 2 yr old, a 5 yr old, and a son to be 8 yr old.
What more joy can life bring?

Stephane said...

Some of the comments I've been seeing make me wonder if those people really think before they type. And honestly, no better way to have chili. Love the photos.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh I just LOVE sunrise peering through the window in a 100 year old barn. Awesome. Hugs B said...

I'm glad I am not the only one who takes pics of my TV- LOL
yeah, it is sad how negative people can be over politics. Hopefully things will turn around in a way that is so good for everyone that our country will unite instead of fight.
Yay for Berlin! & oh my gosh that pic of those two sleeping under the blanket!

Oak Creek Ranch said...

Thankfully, I've missed seeing the online nasty comments. Brett and I want to know how your farrier stole our dog! I swear, they look identical! Glad Berlin is cantering.

Victoria Cummings said...

So glad that Berlin is feeling better - a good farrier with a darling dog is a real find! I just love your barn. Hope you didn't get all the snow dumped on you like we did yesterday.

Grey Horse Matters said...

As with any competition there are winners and losers. Some are gracious and some are sour. I've seen some of the comments and watched all the shows. I'd rather read upbeat and gracious comments. You are wise to not start anything here.

Glad Berlin is doing better. Can't believe that flower is still blooming with the temperatures so low. I love old barns and yours is truly gorgeous especially with the light streaming through the windows. The stone walls are lovely too.