Saturday, September 30, 2017

Pick Up Sticks...

Another cool morning
that added energy to my day.

After chores I helped Gary
move branches over to the lane area
 so we can throw them on a truck.
We will keep some of the bigger pieces for burning.

 At 1:30 I drove over to Carina's for a pig roast.
This sweet "fairy path" (with solar lighting) is between her house and her mother's (who just moved in).  The kids can travel in between.  Such a good idea.
 All kinds of food and family friends.
 My favorite model was in her playhouse and did not want her picture taken.
 The chickens did not care.

 I did manage to get a quick shot of Levi....Clara's little brother.
 From there I went to Wegmans and dropped off a couple political signs.
'Tis the season and things are heating up in our local campaign.
 Back at the farm, the dogs were waiting for me to take them out for a romp.
The temperature was a little warmer.  
There was a note in the door from a man who would like the biggest section of the tree that was cut down.  His father is a woodworker and they both do some milling.  Tomorrow morning they will come over to get it.   Should be interesting since it must weigh well over a ton.  If they can pull this off it will save us a lot of work.

 I had chore duty tonight.

 As we get into fall, the light gets more and more beautiful.  The inside of the barn feels
so good.

 For some reason, Little Wonder thought this table (leaning up against the barn porch)
 was very interesting.
 He would not leave it alone.

 I did finish the butternut squash soup that was started yesterday.  Had to add two cups of cider.
 A simple supper served with bagels on the side.
 A perfect soup day.
The dogs had cooked carrots on top of their food.
They were happy.
Today I brought most of our plants in the house.
They have been on the porch since May.  The house felt so different without them.

 I posted a picture of Gary on FB for his birthday and this one to thank everyone for the good wishes.  He got so many comments and likes!!!!! He could not believe it.
Love this photo.
Night all.

Friday, September 29, 2017

I Confess...I Turned On the Furnace Tonight....

It was in the 40s when the pups and I went out to the barn this morning.  I had to put on sweats and a jacket.

 We desperately needed new flowers for our kitchen table
 so I picked zinnias.

 I had a 10am meeting and when I got back to the farm, Scott and his friend Tom had started taking down a BIG DEAD TREE that was on the south side of the library.

 Of course it had to start raining....and they worked right through it.

 We have a major mess to clean up, but it was worth it.  It would have destroyed our roof and the side of the house if it fell.

 By late afternoon the sun arrived and it was ideal for the ponies.

 I had this brainstorm to make butternut squash soup  and started it before realizing I did not have all the ingredients.
 Cut up 1 squash and 3 apples
 sauteed 2 big onions
 threw it in a big pot with 2 cups of light chicken bouillon
 brought it to a boil and then turned down the heat for 30-40 minutes.
We'll see how it turns out tomorrow.
Night all.