Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Just Like The Other One

It rained off and on all day.  Getting saturated.

 Chorus rehearsal and a performance today.

 Tucked the girls in a little early as it was still raining.

 At 6:30 I drove down to the college for a photoshoot.

 Sankofa had their dress rehearsal and they allow me to take photographs.
I took about 250 shots and did not get very many that I like.  Hopefully the videos turned out.
Clyde is the artistic director.
 My friend Stan (drumming) was there along with several other photographers.
 When I arrived they were warming up.
 This will be a unique show, as this year the Rochester Oratorio Society collaborated with African drummers and dancers.
 Needless to say, I was in awe of the drumming....
 and Khalid.
 I hope you got your tickets!  All of the performances are usually sold out.
Night all.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rain Rain Go Away....

It did not start until mid morning.

When the horses went out, the wind was blowing like crazy.

 Class at 10:30.
 Joanne was working on a mixed media piece....
 and will be adding darker textures to her dog so it stands out more.
 Why does it rain every Tuesday?  As soon as they left I put the girls back in their stalls.
 Berlin was full of mud.

 and Abbe must have rolled in the indoor after she got soaked.

 Simple dinner....salad (chives from our garden) and chicken soup.
 Wouldn't you know it!  The rain stopped around 4 and I put the girls back out, cleaned the stalls and set them up for the evening feed.  

The sun even showed up for awhile and so did Karen.  She tucked them in for me.

Night all.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Good Light

Rain is on the way for the rest of the week....but today was around 50 and beautiful.
Before I went out for chores, the sun was beaming in on Sidney.

 Let the girls into the small pastures as with all the rain on the way they won't be able to go back there for a long time.

 When Angel and Maggie arrived I put a gate up at the end of Berlin's stall to create an aisle to the side door.  The way it is hung, it can enclose the stall or create a barrier when the door is open.  I can't believe that Berlin had this whole space before they got here.

 Today the electric company had all kinds of trucks in front of our farm trimming trees and brush.  The noise was so loud the dogs wanted to hide.
 I started moving mulch.  It will look so much better when the gardens are planted.

 This afternoon I decided to start mowing the lawn (at least until I ran out of gas).  First time this season and it sure looks a lot better.

 Gary was gone all day.  First Sara's, then to Apple Creek Farm to help Jack plant some grapes and finally to Jen's to watch the boys after school.  He got home a little after 6, just in time for dinner.

 Coleslaw, bbqued chicken and baked potatoes.
 No complaints here.
Out to do chores at 6:30.

 A nice evening.
 Night all.