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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hallelujah!!!! A Sign Of Spring!!!!

 It was only about 28 degrees when I got up this morning and frost was covering the ground.
 The sun took care of that in short order.

 The horses started out with their sheets on....

 but they were off before 9 o'clock.
 Rolling was on the agenda.

 No need to post flowers today as I can show you what is happening with the garlic.

 I went across the street to take Finnegan's blanket off.  As you can see, they have a lot of standing water from a couple days ago.

 The mini's paddock is still muddy.

 Everywhere I looked, Sidney was sunbathing.

 I opened all the doors to the indoor hoping to get the flooded area dried out.  The water went down, but the footing was mushy/slippery.  Angel (who chose to be in a spotlight) and Maggie were not bothered and went in anyway.  Fortunately 75% of it was dry.

 Angel was looking out the back door to see if any kayaks were in the area.
 I was not kidding when I said we had a LOT of rain.  How about that outside arena????

I grabbed a shovel and went out there to dig a couple of trenches that went from the ring to the lane.
 The water started going out at a pretty good clip.

 Let's see what it looks like tomorrow.
 Karen and I had to groom all of the horses before they got tucked in tonight.  The barn was about 45 degrees, which is quite an improvement.

Dinner.  Cabbage Soup.
 Apples, multi grain bread and we split a piece of leftover chicken Helen.
Night all.


  1. It was such a beautiful day! I need a 1000 more just like it. So nice to see naked ponies:)

  2. You did get a LOT of rain! It is raining here in middle Tennessee at the moment and we could get up to two inches over night and through tomorrow. Makes me very glad the grass is growing so it will dry up pretty quickly.

  3. Started out cold here too but warmed up nicely. That's some lake you've got there. Hope it dries up soon. Doesn't it seem the lighter horses always get the dirtiest!

  4. SUN paints the barn. AWESOME!!!!!

    Would love to attend the exhibition-

    ALOHA from Honolulu

    =^..^= <3

  5. The exhibition poster is great, water, everywhere, you do need a canoe, and rolling, why not after days/weeks of snow and frost. Love that sunshine too. Cheers, Jean.

  6. Oh I am loving the non-white photos. Finally the snow is gone and life is going to be sunny warm and a tad muddy for now:) Yeah. Hug B


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