Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Here and There

 Color explosions all over the place.

"Who's coming to class today?"

Janice M. brought us a dozen eggs from her chickies, and also introduced us to Rosie.
 She was born across the street...
 and is a real sweetheart.

 Did my thing at Agape this afternoon.  Up to 18 minutes on the elliptical followed with another 6 minute session.  20 minutes straight is right around the corner.
 These two ducks come back here every year.  The Mama lays her eggs in this garden.

 Stopped at Weggies to buy a major load of goodies.  There must be over 50 pear trees that are just about in full bloom.

 Home around 5....made dinner (no good shots) and did chores at 7:30.

Night all.

I need a nap, read too late last night.

Monday, April 29, 2013

On and On and On and On

After chores Lorrie introduced me to the new cross shredder.
 Both of us are on the prowl for lots of newspapers, as we are going to bulk up on our bags of bedding.  Could not be happier about the way it is working and the price is right.

 The little bit of rain we had last night really made things pop in the gardens.


and lots of posies.




At noon Gordon B. came up with his tractor and rotiller to work up the rings and gardens.

Here is a before shot of the outdoor arena that was recently flooded.

This is what it looked like when he was finished.
He also did a number on the indoor....
and Gary's gardens.
 The front paddock looks much better now that the hay was mulched.  Hopefully it will fill in with grass.

 My buddies love to observe whatever is going on.

Had a 2pm meeting to get things organized for our auction which will take place Friday evening.
Didn't get out of there until 6!

 By then it was too late to make dinner so we went down to the Stoneyard for some chow.  Walked in and the place was jammed!!!!  Forgot it was wing night.  We knuckled under and each ordered some...10 wings for $2.50.  I got a salad, Gary got sweet potato fries.  How bad are we?  Can't do this very often.

 Chores at 7:30...

 Still grey out there.

Night all.