Saturday, February 29, 2020

The Tundra

Another very cold day.

 At 10 I drove down to the Village to help my friend Alicia
pack up her sister's apartment.
 Eugenia passed away a couple months ago, so several
of us are helping her get things ready to be sent to her relatives.
 Of course I had to start a fire when I got back to the farm.

Had some leftover chicken, so I made a pot of chicken soup. It's a nice thing to have around.
Other than that, I did not do a whole lot except for chores tonight.

 By the time I got Rebel and the girls tucked in, it started to snow.
 50 degrees is on the way.  Won't that be fun....

 Phoebe went back to the house right away and when I finished chores
Little Wonder was not around.
I had gone into Gary's barn to turn of the heater for the
water trough and he must have snuck behind me.
.... got locked in.  Fortunately I figured it out.

 We had a simple dinner tonight.
 Salad, mashed potatoes
 and Korv (the sausage Gary and Randy made).

 Now I need to play some music.
Night all.

Random 5 Friday Week 3

1.   I never go anywhere without my little Canon point and shoot camera.
On this day (a few weeks ago) we were having some heavy
winter rain and I grabbed some shots through my car windshield.

2.   I love spoiling my pups and they give a lot back to me.

3.  This past week we tried going vegetarian for 4 or 5 days in a row.  Fortunately
I am a foodie and love to cook.  This was stir fried veggies with a side of mangoes and bananas.
I think I will try do do this more often.

4.  We have 3 rescued cats.  This is Seymour.
When I set out hay under the shed roof for the horses
he loves to crawl into the middle.

5.  Having plants in the house is very important to me and I have
two that are over 30 years old (Norfolk pines that are 6 feet tall).  During the 
warm months I put several hibiscus plants on the porch off the kitchen and for
the rest of the year they live in the house where they
bloom all winter.

Friday, February 28, 2020

Still Blustery...

 Woke up to a new hibiscus blossom and bone chilling weather.

 Neither of the dogs lasted very long outside.
 Too much wind.

 I put them in the house after about 15 minutes and went back
out to finish chores.  Hung out 4 haybags under the shed
roof and put the rest in the indoor.
 The horses were most happy to dine in there.

 The sun came out after I finished cleaning the stalls
so I put some more hay next to the fence.
(They asked me to do this).

 At 10 I left for a Doctor's appointment in Hilton
and stopped to check on my friend Andrea at
Glen Darach Farm on my way home.
 Of course she was cleaning stalls.
(She had a knee replacement in December and
has been working out there for tough cookie).

 I couldn't wait to start a fire when I got home.

 Gary went to Agape and we spent some time with
a friend who stopped by this afternoon.  As you can see, Little Wonder
is a real fan.
 I had purchased a bag of avocados for a bridge/lunch
and since it was cancelled, they did not get used.
So, I had to make a big batch of guacamole.
 Heated up the leftover minestrone soup...
 made a salad....plopped on the guac
 and we were good to go.
Time to get back out by the fire.
Night all.