Thursday, February 13, 2020


More fluffy snow this morning
that ended up being wet and heavy.
Fortunately, there was not that much.

 We are having problems with our phones
(no power at the base) so I went shopping
before getting to my appointment for a
mammogram at 2.  Everything went well
and I could not resist taking a couple photos
of this gorgeous blossom at the check in desk.

 I always sit by the fish tank, but 
was not able to get good photos today.
 From beginning to end (I always wait for my
results) it took only 45 minutes.  So fast.
 The temperature was pretty steady (32),
but tomorrow is going to be a different story.
Wind chills may put us near 0.
 Sidney spent the
 afternoon in the rocking chair
 next to the fire.
 Dinner was easy.
A salad and
 leftover chicken and biscuits.
 Tasted better the second time around.
Night all.

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  1. You have 32F, we have 32C, and way too hot. Love that flower. and a quick result is always good.


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