Friday, February 28, 2020

Still Blustery...

 Woke up to a new hibiscus blossom and bone chilling weather.

 Neither of the dogs lasted very long outside.
 Too much wind.

 I put them in the house after about 15 minutes and went back
out to finish chores.  Hung out 4 haybags under the shed
roof and put the rest in the indoor.
 The horses were most happy to dine in there.

 The sun came out after I finished cleaning the stalls
so I put some more hay next to the fence.
(They asked me to do this).

 At 10 I left for a Doctor's appointment in Hilton
and stopped to check on my friend Andrea at
Glen Darach Farm on my way home.
 Of course she was cleaning stalls.
(She had a knee replacement in December and
has been working out there for weeks....one tough cookie).

 I couldn't wait to start a fire when I got home.

 Gary went to Agape and we spent some time with
a friend who stopped by this afternoon.  As you can see, Little Wonder
is a real fan.
 I had purchased a bag of avocados for a bridge/lunch
and since it was cancelled, they did not get used.
So, I had to make a big batch of guacamole.
 Heated up the leftover minestrone soup...
 made a salad....plopped on the guac
 and we were good to go.
Time to get back out by the fire.
Night all.

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