Saturday, January 31, 2015

We Caught A Break Today.

A break in the weather.  It was cold alright, but no wind and the sun came out.  I'll take it!
 Started off with some snow.

 And ended up with sunshine.

After lunch I decided to go to drumming.  A friend gave me this drum and I brought it along to see what Khalid had to say about it.  It weighs about 1/3 as much as my djembe and is very easy to carry.  Played it for 3 hours and although it was different, it was not too bad.

After we performed last Saturday I was motivated to get a couple more African shirts.  It's good to have a choice as I have been participating more with "Umoja."

 I have a skirt (and headpiece behind top) to go with this one.  It is from Nigeria and was given to me by a friend (whose husband got it for her many years ago while he was visiting there).

Very bright on my way home (4:15).

 The moon was already in view when I got back to the farm.

 Chores at 5:15.
 Got the girls tucked in and it was still not dark.

 Leftover cabbage soup....(surprise)
 with a nice hunk of bread topped with melted swiss cheese.  Apples on the side.  Easy dinner.
17 degrees with snow on the way.
Night all.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Lock Up!

We got a little more snow last night and this morning it was swirling and whirling in the wind.
Gary's van was stuck so the first thing we did was shovel and used my car to pull him out.  Got to the barn much later than usual.  Fortunately Karen was there to feed and turnout.

 By 10 I had cleaned all the stalls and set them up again.  With the strong winds the temperature felt like 0 and I could see no reason for the girls to stand out there all day when the inside of the barn was much more reasonable. 

 It snowed off and on for the rest of the day...

 (the wind never took a break)
 but I still had to make a quick trip to Wegmans.

 Did a little laundry and made cabbage soup for dinner.  Other than that I was a bum.
Let the horses back out before evening chores so they could stretch their legs while Karen and I picked the stalls and set them up....again....

It was the first sun siting of the day.

I can't imagine going through a winter without our wood stoves.  We primarily use the one in the kitchen and you just can't beat the way it makes you feel.

 So, cabbage soup (sweet and sour), apples, cheddar cheese and a little egg salad leftover from lunch.  Just right for this cold night.
12 degrees and falling.
Night all.